I’m not a huge fan of Juke. In fact I’d say one of the best things I’ve heard so far is Sabbo’s EP that we released earlier this year.  I know that sounds really biased but I’m just being honest.

I was not even a huge fan of the “Footcrab” track by Addison Grove, which was all the rage last year and I’m left a little cold with the real hardcore Chi stuff, sorry guys, just doesn’t do it for me.

On the other hand Vince loves it and it was he who has been raging on about it for the past year or so on these here pages.

However, I just stumbled across this stuff on yet another Facebook Group I created “LaZeR BaSS”.  Some of the guys in the group posted this stuff and it just blew my mind.  I’ve come to it late-ish but at least I got to it.  Saying that I never checked my last e-mail from Saturate Records who I’ve been blogging here on my Lazer Bass posts and so there’s a lesson learned, always check your mail!!!!

This dude is from Vince’s home man, The Netherlands, and it’s just mind blowing shiiit!  It’s not strictly Juke as you would think of it, i.e. Chi stylee,or even Footcrab stylee, it’s got LaZeRs in it and that’s just done it for me man.  I could quite happily play this shiit and get off my head!

I said I came to it late but in fact this is not even out yet!

Krampfhaft Spit Thunder EP Promo from SATURATE!RECORDS on Vimeo.

Here’s a great mix I picked up on the dude’s page containing some of his tracks alongside other peeps we know of:

Krampfhaft Swipe Mixtape by Krampfhaft

Krampfhaft – Swipe mix intro
Dorian Concept – Toe Games Made Her Giggle
Krampfhaft – Grind
Chris Brown ft Busta Rhymes – Look At Me Now
Krampfhaft – Crane
Om Unit – Prawn Cocktail (Salva remix)
Girl Unit – Every Time
Lapti & Nocow – Sirenas (part 1)
Drexciya – Dr. Blowfins’ Black Storm Stabilizing Spheres
Blawan – Kaz
DJ Hell – This Is For You
Martyn – Left Hander
Amanda Blank – Something Bigger, Something Better
Krampfhaft – Congo Blade Runner (Beta version)
Richelle – Bendin’
Tyler The Creator – Parade
Krampfhaft – Perfect Gain Structure
Krampfhaft – Spit Thunder
Kijk Een Ster – Leave Again



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