I first heard of you through your collaboration with the Philadelphia label, Seclusiasis. How did that come about?

I finished ‘Leek’ and sent it to Starkey on facebook, think i just added him the week before. He checked it out and played it on sub.fm the day after. And he wanted to release it so that was cool. We did the single with Slap Dash on it and remixes and it all went from there.

Your older stuff is more on the glitchy side. The tracks you’re coming out with seem more marketable to a bigger audience. Was this move on purpose, or was that just what you were feeling?

Combination of the two i guess. I used to be anti- a lot of stuff, so it was a sort of goal on its own to make stuff that was different. Still try to do that obviously, but now I’ve started making stuff that I wouldn’t have been happy with a year ago, for example. Also been feeling a lot more “commercial” music lately, so i guess my sound has been developing in that fashion.

What kind of commercial music are you listening to?

Really digging stuff like Usher, The Pack, Kanye West, and overall good music. In my younger years Destiny’s Child was really big for example, and i quite liked it back then, but then went trough a period of a sort of conceptual hate against commercial music haha. Totally over that now and enjoying all of that again.

I saw Rotterdam covered in the “Bassweight’ documentary. Is this a good reference for people when investigating the sub-bass scene in the Netherlands?

Havent even seen that movie haha… so I can’t say that it is a good reference. If our lowriders collective is in there and the subway parties they sort of have it covered. I do hope they covered other cities as well though. It’s really spread out, and it’s a small country so its easy to get around and everyone pretty much knows each other.

Who are some of your musical inspirations?

I grew up listening to dutch hardcore, hiphop, rock etc. Random stuff. The biggest inspiration in my recent life has been Starkey for sure, and people like Slugabed, Rustie, Ikonika, Coco Bryce, Night Slugs Crew, Egyptrixx etc. Cant go wrong with anything they do.

Dutch Hardcore?

Dutch hardcore is basically just hardcore, but the dutch kind is more known as Gabber i guess. Thunderdome albums are the main stuff i listened to. Especially the 2 cd compilation with the beautiful golden cobra skeleton on it, that’s a classic.

I saw your teaser video for the track Seekwal by Sinden & SBTRKT. Are you planning on producing visuals regularly, or are you just doing these as you find audio that inspires you?

I did a video for slugabed some time ago that sort of started it all. Working on some video’s at the moment and studying audiovisual design so its something i’ll definately keep doing. Also doing a documentary about this guy synth.nl (www.synth.nl , check the studio section) so its not just music video’s. It’s about music though, haha.

When can we expect some new releases?

My gazziliaan yeers ep on seclusiasis very soon. Also my Hovatron remix on our Lowriders Records, a Manni Dee – ‘Antidote’ remix on Vermin Street and 2 other remixes that are sort of secret. Also have a tune on a forthcoming Saturate compilation and working on a bunch of new tunes, some of them will be on a release for Lowriders.


Free 320 Download:

Halp – BOKKETROT (free 320 download)

This is on the ‘Saturate Records (STRTLP001)’ release.
You can get it at bandcamp by clicking download arrow, then ‘Buy’

Halp – Zoom

Doshy – Scatter (Halp & Coco Bryce Remix)

Halp – Leek

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