Genre cross-pollination has been wide and varied in recent years and music made in the wake of dubstep’s popularity seems to be continuing this trend. In terms of the development of new sounds, this can only be a good thing.

This week we’ve picked out two producers who are both using what are essentially hip-hop beats in different and subtle ways, incorporating a range of influences to make something new. Coincidentally, both their names are in the plural: Moths and Ambassadeurs.



Moths, known to his mum as Jack Colleran, has started to get a lot of love recently, and it’s with good reason. He’s only been putting out music for a few months now and none of it on any label, but already his short back catalogue is very impressive. His latest, Summer, showcases his knack for producing deep soundscapes with very few elements:

Summer by MOTHS

while this remix takes the arhythmic original and creates an intricate, catchy hip-hop beat with haunting garage-like treated vocals:

Derek Piotr – Focus (Moths Remix) by MOTHS

Honestly we love every track, and luckily all of them are free to download. If you wanted to donate anyway, check out his Bandcamp page. Here’s just one more track, with a video:

Moths – <3 from Moths on Vimeo.



Mark Dobson, aka Ambassadeurs, is an artist that is doing what we like most: pushing boundaries in electronic music. Although heavily influenced by hip-hop and dubstep beat structures, his eclectic productions are hard to pin down to one style or genre. With a support slot confirmed on Gold Panda’s tour in May, a forthcoming release on Jalapeno records and a possible live act on the cards, it’s clear that this guy is someone to look out for. Again his soundcloud is full of quality tunes but here are a couple that really stand out:

Tyrrhena Patera by Ambassadeurs

Can We Pretend by Ambassadeurs

Check out this freebie download he sent our way. It’s a peach:

Download link:  Marvin Gaye – Aint That Peculiar (Ambassadeurs Reconstruct)

Go here to pick up his most recent EP: Bandcamp

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