2 million strong

THANK YOU ALL – EVERY LAST ONE OF YOU! thanks to the visitors of this modest little blog, the artists and the contributors for reaching this new high point in our blogging careers. We just broke the:


visitors threshold!!! Wow, we dont even know what to say people… The stronghold of global bass is superstrong at the moment hahahahaha! We’ve racked up a nice little surprise in the form of 3 free downloadable albums – together ALMOST 50 FREE TRACKS! exclusives, previews and remixes by the likes of DIAMOND BASS, KUSH ARORA, SHAZALAKAZOO, CELT ISLAM, SABO & SABBO and many many more. Check the posts the next three days and download the freebies. The comps are really AMAZING!

thanks so much all!

-vince / umb / and the other contributors to GENERATION BASS


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