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So here it is, the Third Part, Volume III, the Third in the Trilogy, The Finale!

Godfather III was crap but this ain’t!

This is, possibly, my personal favourite of the 3.

Some xclusives here from Natacha Atlas (official), Sabo, The Peronists, Max Le Daron,  Knowa Knowone, Arctor, Son of Kick, AlexisK and Herr Muller.  Plus of course there’s some great tracks from others.

Thanks to everybody once again for supporting us, supporting these releases and to all the artists who were kind enough to participate in this most enjoyable trilogy!

Hats off to everyone who has been involved in this unforgettable journey.

Stream some tracks:

Tafuri – City Of Dub by tafuri

Lord Spaz – Sabo by djsabo


Conceptualized, Compiled and Realized by Generation Bass – Vince & Umb.

Sequencing and Mastering by Vincent Koreman.


It Takes a nation of 2 Million To Hold us Back

[a generation bass compilation, part III]

1. Shazalakazoo feat. MC Maiquinho – Tô Com Saudade

2. Mano Negra vs The Peronists- Clandestino (Hippie Bass Remix)

3. Air France (Max Le Daron Remix)

4. Tafuri – City Of Dub

5. Janaka Selekta ft Taamara – Jaan (Talvin Singh Reworked)

6. Kush Arora feat. Jah Dan – International Currency

7. Dub1 – Tiger Blood

8. Unsoundbwoy – Great Grandma Says

9. Sabo – Lord Spaz

10.Carpet Breaker (Knowa Knowa’s UK Funky Remix)

11. Puerta (AlexisK Remix)

12. GoldRush -TruPlaya

13. Herr Mueller- Ampersand

14. Arctor – Extraction

15. Berou & Canblaster- Kapongo Dance (Big Dope P remix)

16. KuBo – Tsu Bo feat: Anbuley (Son Of Kick Rmx)

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all tracks distributed FREE by

all tracks courtesy of the artists, support them!






  1. dude…what you guys pulled together in a few weeks, some labels might be struggling to do in a year! Bigup GB family and crew, cheers to a bright (Bass) future!

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