global soundclash #1
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Global SoundClash Round #1

Caballos y Caballeros, Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the first ever Global SoundClash on GenerationBass!

This clash brings together talent from my previous posts; I’ve selected my favorite recent tune from each artist and shuffled them in groups. Vote for your favorite track in each group. The highest ranking artists will move the next round.

Round #1: 16 artists, 4 groups, 1 tune each

Round #2: 4 artists, 2 groups, 2 tunes each

Final Round: 2 artists, 1 group, 2 tunes each

Victory lap: The wining artist will get a full feature post here on and more!

Voting for round 1 will close 4/20/11 at 16:20 UTC (GMT). Next round will come soon after.

Who is going to be the first GB Global SoundClash Champion? You decide!


Help your favorite artists win, vote now and spread the word around.



  1. things are getting hot in this joint!!! cannot wait to see who the winners are and what next round is gonna be like!

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