The world needs more PSYSTEP and that is what these two phenomenal releases on the excellent free music net-label Ektoplazm adhere to deliver. From New Zealand to Finland one thing is for sure, sounds like this we want more!

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entanglement ep


My long-time friend, Tom COSM joins forces with Mr Bill, Sun In Aquarius and Circuit Bent on this spankin’ release giving the sub-genre a new twist. Are you ready for a mixture of sounds and rhythms that will send you spinning through space searching for a new race? Grab the WAV/FLAC version of this release right now and fly away!

Released: April 6, 2011


01 – Mr. Bill vs Circuit Bent vs Tom Cosm – Incompusmentus
02 – Mr. Bill vs Circuit Bent – Salt Water
03 – Mr. Bill vs Circuit Bent vs Tom Cosm vs Sun In Aquarius – Tangle
04 – Mr. Bill vs Circuit Bent vs Tom Cosm – Coke & Caviar

Entanglement is an experimental collaborative release fusing the abundant talents of Mr. BillCircuit BentTom Cosm, and Sun In Aquarius, a group of notoriously eclectic producers from Australia and New Zealand. Their combined sound is an almost indescribable mish-mash of influences loosely described as “glitch breaks” which, for our purposes, we will simply deem to be an exuberantly quirky blend of dubstep and psybreaks. Whatever you call it, this music is almost certain to delight open-minded electronic music fans.

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Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage.


Messy Mass & Baba Gnohm – Night Of The Living Kebab


My love for Finnish/Scandinavian music goes way back to the early releases of Texas Faggot, Squaremeat and the rest of the bunch making Suomi trance and techno. This new release by Messy Mass and Baba Gnohm proudly continues the tradition of fast changing weird sounding twisted beats and funky basslines. One moment it breaks and another it builds, it goes deep then climbs to the top, stability within the chaos you will find here and then hopefully happiness to you will adhere.

Released: March 18, 2011


01 – Yes, I Like Shawarma (118 BPM)
02 – Cream Fresh (126 BPM)
03 – Dear Dr. Döner (123 BPM)
04 – Splatterbrain (127 BPM)
05 – Night Of The Living Kebab (115 BPM)

Night Of The Living Kebab is an experimental collaboration between Messy Mass (Mads Christensen) & Baba Gnohm (Kalle Christensen), two producers from Denmark with a passion for idiosyncratic soundscapes. In the words of the artists, this release is “embodies tunes that will take you on a juvenile journey filled with colours, glitchy breaks, ageless rolling basses and bouncy melodies filled with optimistic hope of brain damage. It is well suited for any situation that calls for a twist of the unorthodox and will leave the listener twirling, spinning and falling over.” Parlez-vous kebab?

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Released under a Creative Commons licence for noncommercial usage. An exclusive bonus track is available to anyone who spreads the link for this release on forums and social networks or for anyone who donates through the Messy Mass Bandcamp page (where this release is also available). Simply email [email protected] or[email protected] to say what you’ve done and Mads will hook you up!


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