Time to shine some light on the Jarring Effects label and their new Dubstore offshoot initiative.  The Dubstore site is created by and for musicians & dub lovers and supported by the Jarring Effects label collective.

The Dubstore concentrates on tunes by heavyweight French dub producers OBF, Pilah, Roots Massacre, AntiBypass (Dub Addict), Fabbastone, Natural High, Twelve Led Piperz, Roots’n Future Hi-Fi aka d.Dino and Aku Fen (High Tone/Dub Invaders) and Uzul (Kaly Live Dub), focussed on true “Bass culture” to be played inna soundsystem. Fresh cuts will made available to download every week and month Ttopquality only in wav & aif only, no mp3!

Here’s a free promo mix to go with the  Dubstore launch. From dub & dubplates steppa, heavy dub, digital roots to dubstep > download the mix here (right click!)

1- Depth in the remix – Led piperz remix ( depth in the middle/High Tone)
2- Cutty ranks remix- Warriah ( dubplate)
3- Computer return- Twelve
4- A little girl lost – Shanti D remix by Led Piperz
5- Wild skanker- Opti
6- General dubstep- Warriah (dubplate)
7- Bass return – Twelve
8- tempo remix- Warriah (dubplate)
9- Dry – Mungos hi-fi remix ( Shanti D & High Tone)

or listen here;
Jarring Effects Dubstore & friends MINI MIX ★ http://dubstore.jarringeffects.net ★ by Jarring Effects

To turn back to Jarring Effects, the excellent French label that releases a good line of electronic BASS artists such as Filastine, Scorn, High Tone, EZ3kiel, Ben Sharpa, Oddateee and many more. Check out their site and soundcloud.

here an eclectic dub bass mix by DJ Twelve >
Dj Twelve – High Tone promo mix by Jarring Effects

One afternoon around a month ago, during the peak of the various uprisings in the Arab world, I quickly & spontaneously made this Arabic sound inspired Rebel Up! mix. The narrow selection features western & eastern BASS artists & friends such as Badawi (Palestina), Filastine, Maga Bo, Mutamassik (Italy/Egypt), Muslimgauze and Timeblind. I could have gone much deeper, but like I said; it was a spontaneous burst and I just took the things within reach. The classic Kode9 & The Spaceape track is perhaps a bit off-kilter in these selection choices, but what can you do.

Download it here or listen here:


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