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Boom shakalaka presents: Baltik bass vol. 1 by Maasto Records

Here’s what Maasto Records have to say about it:

This EP features a new style of electronic world music, based on folk music from the Baltic sea region. The Helsinki/Finland based Boom shakalaka DJ team, responsible for compiling the EP, are known in their hometown as world club music specialists. Apart from hosting a world music radio show on the popular urban radio station Basso radio, DJs Emil, Rideon and Svengali regularly play global bass music in dance clubs around Finland.

Being constantly in contact with music from around the world, the DJs also wanted to spread traditional music from the area surrounding them. However, for the sweet accordion rhythms and fiddle harmonies to work in the dance clubs, it needed some remixing. One thing lead to another and the Boom shakalaka team eventually ended up with a whole new sound and genre on their hands, which got the name ʻBaltik bassʼ.

“When working with these remixes, we didnʼt want to restrict our style according to the boarders of some nation-state, instead we want to point to the similarities in the musical folklore from a larger region. We refer to the sea for its historic importance as a logistic centre and as a symbol of openness and multiculturalism”, declares DJ Emil.

Despite the link to local folk music, the producers feel that their music is global and that it resonates with a global trend in electronic music focusing on different regional musical cultures. One indication of the global appeal of baltik bass, is the massive support that the first promotional track, sent out in the summer of 2010, got from DJs and blogs worldwide. The word quickly got around and this first Baltik bass EP features Serbian folk bass superstars Shazalakazoo, who give a go at retweeking classic Finnish folk music.

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