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Fuck Yea!!!!

After all the shit that happened in Hawaii and all the other delays the i’m so happy to present to you all the first H&M promo of 2011. Heartbreak has been on fire this year, but for me its my first promo since November or something. The traveling was a factor that I didn’t counted in and it’s pretty difficult when you don’t have a laptop to make things while your gone haha. Now that problem is solved aswell and we’re ready to take on 2011!

Now a moment for some oldschool talking about the tracks, fuck i missed that haha:


Jump Up & Twist
This a little something I like to call Moombashment. I actually heard Toddla T say it, and it kind of stuck with me. It’s more of a hype track. Moombahton, inspired by Bashment, Dancehall, and Dutch House influences. Lots of energy, and another attempt of experimentation into another Moombahton genre.

The Legend
This is actually one of my favorite R&B artists, the song being one of my favorites too. I basically wanted to take this classic and make it danceable. Its something I like to call Moombahsoul. Good soul music fused with Latin inspirations.

Moombahcore is a very special and dark part of the Moombahton world. I try not to immerse myself in to the sub genre too often, but I do get down and dirty sometimes. The rock and roll riffs, combined with the short chopped wobbles and vocals, sets it off. The track is very minimal and very aggressive. I would say this is more of a brostep type of vibe in the Moombahcore world.


This a remix to the known ‘Welcome to Jamrock’. I didnt want to change a lot to the beat tho, why would you do something like that?! Disrespectful. Anyway, I chopped up the vocals, added this vocal from this awesome Lauren Hill speech and tried to keep it a lil bit dubby. I made the original concept when in Hawaii. I was so shocked and thankfull about everyone helping out, it inspired me on some other level type of shit man. I couldnt resist the temptation to make music anymore, but believe me I knew it in the end. That shit gave me the headache of a lifetime so I didn’t do anything after that till I felt a bit better. Wanting to change the vibe to a more hyped up thing, I decided to leave it as truthfully to the original concept. This because it was in a weird stage of my life and obviously a lot was going on in my mind. Everything is a learning experience tho. Maybe i’ll make a VIP later on of it.

Me And My Bitch
This is one of my Moombahsoul tracks. It’s kinda different than the others i’ve made tho. The others are more in a vibe for listening than for in the club. Me And My Bitch is the only one different to that tho. Of course you have to know the sample and the vocal, both from Jay-Z – Song Cry. I always wanted to use that track but never did, now i finally found a way to do it. Moombahton and Soul with just a lil bit of Ambient. When I was working on the beat I remembered me and Ayres talking about this Kanye track and also I was reminding the Empire State Of Mind beat, that lil dot sound what you heard was so raw and subtile but yet so crucial to the beat. So I really wanted to find a way to put that dot sound in this track, but in a more Moombahton vibe. Also, i’ve used that fucking synth I was addicted to back then, when I first heared Kartier – Bailando Sola. That Reggeton track blew my mind back then, and to give it a shout out this way is awesome haha. I made this one when I was in New York btw, at my dude Kokos from Xao Productions. With me being a bit hectic n shit I basicly didn’t have any time to make a track, so I made this one and Gracias. I spent the whole day working on these two tracks, and the fact that I was working on a laptop for the first time wasn’t speeding up the process. But in the end it worked out and I can finally release this one!

Warface VIP (Munchi Likes Moshing Rmx)
Why did I make a Warface Rmx? Well listen to the fuckin original and than you’ll know. FUCK! I saw Dutch Dubstep dj Gomes playing this shit and it instantly reminded the Incubate festival in Tilburg in 2010. That shit was so fuckin awesome, and at the end of the first night of me being there we were just in time before the last party ended. DJ Umb and Jakes were playing then. I love Dubstep and with Breakcore or Drum n Bass its my favorite music to freak out to haha! Anyway I was mindblown by Jakes’ set and I always knew I had to do a track of his aswell. The way the original track drops is so fuckin hard dude. Straight to the point and no bullshittin. Also the thing that I like from Jakes’ tracks is that it has the feel of the more older Dubstep tracks. I tried to maintain it in the original vibe, with a more dramatic ‘war’ buildup haha, and of course the drop. Hope you like it!

Thank you for all the support you have been giving us over the months and thank you for all the support during my fucked-up-ness in Hawaii. It’s overwhelming man, real talk.

Heartbreak is being a hater/bitch in Chile at the moment hahaha, because i ran a bit late with posting it. That is my bad so don’t go blaming him for it. And to Heartbreak:
Good luck over there!! Kill it!!!

Ok, so i think you all have seen enough talking etc…



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