1. Pixelord
2. Mochipet
3. Ill-Esha
4. +verb
5. Ben Samples
6. Stephan Jacobs
7. Love & Light
8. sweANnu
9. Elfkowitz
11. Phrenik & Jillian Ann



This is some of the most awesome shiit I ever heard come from Russia!

Kiwi dream by pixelord

Fish touch (tropical vip) FREE download by pixelord

Here also is a new mix full of LazeR BaSS GoodNeSS:

Pixelord thebigupmagazine mix 2011 by pixelord

00 – intro
01 Lostlojic & Bisweed – Will Be
02 Peon – Wanchu
03 My Panda Shall Fly – Injury (DoReMi Remix)
04 Pixelord – Oh Lord (Submerse Remix)
05 Tom Encore – Spellbound (Zeppy Zep remix)
06 C.R.S.T. – Feel It
07 Naive Machine – Lazor Zaap
08 Kahn – Like We Used To
09 Krampfhaft – Congo Blade Runner
10 Naive Machine – Tiltin Ova (Pixelord remix)
11 Pixelord – Fish Touch (tropical vip)
12 Naive Machine – Making it up and up
13 Roof Light – Heart Like An Airport Runaway
14 Clicks & Whistles – Radiator
15 Nocow – Struggle
16 – outro



Been waiting for this one to drop for months and it has now for free! Plus a bonus freebie too!

“Mochipet – Whomp-a-saurus Sex” from Rawr Means I Love You! (Free Download) by Mochipet

Drop Bombs- Mochipet Remix by Mochipet



Great new release here from the LaZeR BaSS QueeN!

SMOKED OUT (free tune) by ill-esha


Cherry Blossoms (Splatinum BONUS Rmx).mp3

Need also to mention this:

Ill-Esha is trying to fund her first music video, and sales from the single will go to Japan. She is a mere $713 away from making her goal, but if she don’t make the goal she gets $0.  So she must make her goal basically!



Brilliant freebie here:

Gettin It (4-20 FREE DOWNLOAD) by +verb

+verb’s most recent release as can be heard in this mini-mix.

Solar Heat Traveler featuring mixes by Knight Riderz, Dev79 and Freddy Todd.

+verb – Solar Heat Traveler Megamix by vermin street

Plus a freebie mixtape:

+verb – Cyberblap2011 Sahn Mixtape by +verb


Its A Lifestyle
Let Me Know
Head Start By The Block
The Mind
Fonetik Fade
Bionic Smiles
Bobby Tank – Nexus Moonburgers (+verb Remix)



From maybe Ozzy’s finest solo album, Blizzard of Oz with the brilliant Randy Rhodes.  Not sure about this version though, not really working for me as Lil’ Jon just really grates on me, if there was ever a 1 trick pony, Lil Jon personifies it but I thought I’d include it here anyway!

Let’s Go Crazy (Samples Remix) by bensamples



Here’s Stephan with 3 great tracks, the first of which is perhaps one of the best I’ve heard from him thus far and it’s free!!!

Emancipator – When I Go feat Taho Nguyen (Stephan Jacobs Remix) by Stephan Jacobs

Look into my Eyes (Bass From Above Compilation) by Stephan Jacobs

Kraddy – Minotaur (Stephan Jacobs Remix) by Stephan Jacobs



Very cool RHCP remix by these dudes who never fail to impress!

Red Hot Chili Peppers “Can’t Stop” LOVE AND LIGHT REMIX by Love and Light



Really AWESOME shiit here:

SweANnu is Annunakii & Richard Sweat up in this MAH


SweANnu – NAMSAYN’ )Annunakii ‘ Richard Sweat( by Richard Sweat



Straight out of the Simplify Recordings sound lab comes the latest exclusive from Chicago’s Bass/Hip-Hop sensation, Elfkowitz (Ian Lefkowitz). With the release of “Psychodelic Dropout“, Ian takes the listener on an evocative sonic journey through his musically charged past, exploring the vast spectrum of his childhood influences and delving into what one could call his compositional odyssey.

Tracks like “Teen Drinking“, and “Too Ghetto” explore the harsh reality and dramatic obstacles set in his path on the way to musical maturity, while exemplary electronic ballads like “Love and Happiness” illustrate the immense beauty and potential for self-improvement buried within the depths of Elfkowitz’s rumbling bass narratives.

Elfkowitz stylistically infuses his signature, dark and gritty, bass-driven synthesizer progressions with a scintillating dash of arpeggiated melodies to emphasize the striking and inherently oppositional forces that have influenced his musical transformation. Not only does Ian construct a musical environment deeply enriched by the wide variety of emotions present in each track, Elfkowitz sets forth to guide the listener through all aspects of his constantly dynamic and ever-evolving sound. Step inside the mind of Elfkowitz and witness the world from the perspective of a digital mastermind, the so-called “Psychodelic Dropout“.

Elfkowitz – Psychodelic Dropout LP TEASER by Simplify Recordings



This sounds even better than Volume 1:

Starkey – Space Traitor Vol. 2 (Preview) by starkey

Starkey “Space Traitor Vol. 2” (Out June 6th 2011 – Civil Music)

Available on 12″/CD Combo Pack & Digital Download

a1 – Lost in Space ft. Charli XCX
a2 – Cockroach
b1 – Sunlight
b2 – Street Rockers
5 – Bricks ft. Curly Castro
6 – Craters
7 – Starkbot Beats: Space Traitor Vol. 2 – Narration by Halfcast
8 – Lost in Space ft. Charli XCX (Innerpartysystem Remix)
9 – Lost in Space ft. Charli XCX (Om Unit Remix)
10 – Lost in Space ft. Charli XCX (Darling Farah Remix)
11 – Cockroach (Distal Remix)
12 – Sunlight (Monky Remix)
13 – Bricks ft. Curly Castro (The Elementz Remix)



Mike Quiroz aka Phrenik returns with another Bass Smasher! This time with vocal support from our beloved Jillian Ann.

On the flip, comes the rebirth (in the form of a remix) of a 2006 drum & bass classic by Brian Abbey & Aaron Simpson.

They also threw in a little Hacksaw for good measure!

.. don’t forget to grab the free download.

Winter Kills – Deep Down (Phrenik Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD!!!!! by Phrenik

Here’s the release:

Phrenik – Set It Off EP by Simplify Recordings


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