Here’s DJ Orions’s new one and he’s as innovative as ever.  Truth be told, ain’t had a chance to give this a listen yet but Orion rarley ever disappoints and so I’m sure this is gonna be dope.

Here’s what he says:

All these tracks sample New Orleans bounce artists and all of them incorporate Moombahton. One has a Salsa vibe, one is Moombahcore-y, one i rewrote the melody with different textures and one is an older joint but still makes it’s way in my sets so i added it anyways.

Track Listing

1. Pop That Dyk (Orion Edit) – Sissy Nobby

2. Pat that Pussy (Orion Edit) – Elm Boy Peg

3. You Can’t Win feat. BigFreedia (Orion Edit) – Big Freedia

4. Who’s That (Orion Edit) – Dj Poppa (Not sure of the emcee on this one so if anyone knows let me know so I can credit them please; grabbed it off a mixtape)




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