That girl does NOT look like Skrillex fo’

Ok man, a huge thanks here to our good brother Tjani Warren who has been following “our blog/site/gospel generation bass for a while” as he says!


Tjani 2 the right and who’s that to the left???

Tjani sent me a message in response to our article about Skrillex making some moombah inspired music and here’s what he says:

First off that was my video from his ATX show earlier this year. I had JUST fully educated myself on the goings on and was SUPER hype for Dillon’s WESTSIDE EP (probably listened to that Annie Mac rip of masta blasta upwards of 10 times a day) and there it was. reptile. the vocal ‘dup’ sound gave it away.  I immediately linked Dave Nada to the video via facebook and he posted it on the Moombahtumblr.

My take on Sonny’s (Skrillex) expansion into the genre is his general love for dance music.  My favorite part about his nondubstep tracks is that he does his research.  He probably reached out to the crew earlier on and showed love.  The first time I actually heard masta blasta was in a video where he dropped that, into brazzers into Munchi wheres my money.  I was hooked!!

I met him at SXSW and he revealed to me that he, Nada and Dillon had become very good friends.  Mr. Francis apparently helped him out a shit load when his computer crashed (w recovering old tunes and what not).  So I guess that makes sense since they’re all in the LA area and a part of this emerging bass music scene.  Nada and Sonny both approach dance music from a punk/hardcore/rock perspective which brings so much energy to the table!

Some food for thought:

Here’s feed me playing what I think is a new Skrillex Moombahesque track.  He mixes it right into Reptile which is same transition Skrillex made in his XM podcast that was recorded in miami on 3.24. pretty dancey stuff if you ask me!!


Roughneck bass (unreleased at the moment) shamelessly samples shabba ranks – dem bow.

These upcoming tracks give me the impression that Skrillex (and maybe many other producers) are reaching back to the all too obvious Caribbean roots of Dubstep and really making a modern statement on them.  Exciting stuff man.


That’s Tjani again above, doing his best Skrillex pose.

All I can say is dude, thanks for this, I think you’re spot on and keep me in the loop.  I would love to continue this fascinating story with further updates!



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