So it just gets bigger, bigger & bigger!

I did not think that even 1 year ago that we would help to break a genre that is getting peak time play on one of the world’s biggest radio shows, Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show!

When you <3 something, the last thing you think of is, where might it all lead!

Big Upz 2 to Annie for playing this shit, it’s “our” shit and now it’s everyone’s shit!

But she does need some educating on the distinction between Moombahton & Moombahcore but what the hell does that matter, not as much as the fact that she is playing it!

  1. Moombahton Dance Off

    1. Alex Clare — Up All Night (Nadastrom Remix)

      White Label
    2. Dillon Francis & Dave Nada — Brazzer’s Theme

      Mad Decent
    3. Heartbreak & Munchi — Faceoff

    4. Heartbreak — Chavvi

      Girls Music
    5. Dillon Francis — Masta Blasta

Listen to it HERE

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