jesus is dead cumbia

Canalh on the cumbia mission.

THEY KILLED JESUS !! 🙁 But like cumbia he’ll come again and we’ll have a “nu-Jesus” to go with our nu-cumbia. So everything is allright, but still, as a cumbiatholic and since my girlfriend left me for some time (not exactly 3 days…), I feel like doing a kind of special post. You know that since UMB and Sonido del Principe have begun this column it never was only about downloading and talking nonsense in the comments like “you don’t know what’s cumbia etc, I do” or “I am the good musician one you bad Dj, etc”. It’s about love, men and wemen connections through di interweb, Zef man, and MUSIC and LOVE.

We try to focuse on cumbia, showing it on its broader acceptation from 60-70’s classics to its newer forms and it’s sometimes quite an exercice. We need tolerance, precision and aproximation. But it’s always about feelings cause that’s what’s going on with music. So although traditional cumbias generally carry joy, happyness, a day like this one, let me write nothing but let some recent producers traduce this new feelings :

Cabeza! DRS-005 Sandro Dalepedro – Too Early by cabeza-shop

LeCorbusound feat Galambo (Conjunto Armonico Norte Verde) – Coquimbo by LeCorbusound

Cabeza! DRS-008 Los Reyes de la Milanga – La frontera sin voces by cabeza-shop

Dale by El Buho

World Hood/Estrella Sanchez – Indigenous 808 (sonora remix) by SONORA

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