One of my favourite top 3 producers of the moment (well for the past 2 years in fact), NastyNasty is back with a new EP for this German label, Robox Neotech.

As usual, he kills it and he breaks your <3

My favourite track “Apologies” uses a sample from the awesome and magnificent “After The Laughter” track by Wendy Rene and man, after hearing Nasty’s version, there comes tears!

There’s another less than impressive remix of the same track by another artist floating about that has had a lot more coverage but imho, it is pretty bad, whereas NastyNasty’s version keeps to the track’s emotional turmoil, which is such a hugely important part of the track’s appeal to me.

Here’s a reminder of the original:

Here’s NastyNasty’s version:

NastyNasty – Apologies by Robox Neotech

On another one of my fave tracks “Resolve”, I think (well, I think I’m certain) he even uses a sample by one of my all time favourite composers/musicians, Astor Piazzolla (Argentine tango composer and bandoneón player), another master of melancholy.

Anybody who knows me, also knows that I did 3 official compilations on that kinda stuff a few years back.  Astor, alongside, Hendrix, Nusrat and others is  one of those guys who just blewww my mind when I first discovered him.

The other stand out tracks for me are “Monsters” & “Stacking”, once again imbued with that vocal melancholy, of the kind, that goes straight to my <3

NastyNasty has told me that he is moving foward in a new direction with future works and so be prepared to move with him! I just hope that he can continue to move me with the emotional content that his tracks usually pack because that is, what for me, distinguishes him from so many others.

Here’s what the label’s PR says:

28 April 2011 @ exclusive on Addictech
23 Mai [email protected] all ur mp3 dealers
YoYoYo Robotic Motherbeeps!!!

We are proud to give u one of the craziest Motherfuckers in this dirrty bleeping game.

Its the man NASTY NASTY and he cooked some kinky Monsters for ur sweet little Spock ears.

This 5 Track EP will punch u from a futuristic western style gang bang right into the middle of a secret battlefield in Alpha Centauri . This shit is so nasty, i think in the near future Aliens will take him to their planets for some rough tentaclestyle dancefloor action.

Join the villains now and get down with that nasty peace of futurism ear-porn.

Check it!!! Now!!!! And spread the Word NAAAAAAAAAAASTYYBWOOOI


“Get out the way, Hammerhead”
Mr. Callahan

Stream the EP here:

Nasty Nasty – Monsters EP by Robox Neotech

Grab a couple of SUBLIME free tunes:

RbxfreeTune – NastyNasty – Brooklyns Finest by Robox Neotech

RbxfreeTune – NastyNasty – DopeRunner by Robox Neotech


  1. the after laughter remix is a great breakup song. also, i accidentally had it playing on two tabs at once one time, and that is a great effect for it too

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