Lovin’ this new EP.

PANTyRAiDers MartyParty and Ooah of The Glitch Mob follow their 2009 debut album, The Sauce, with a Superior EP representing the four flavors of the dance floor inspired by the big bass sound of a PANTyRAiD.

In between MartyParty’s successful Monsters of Bass tour and Ooah’s worldwide Glitch Mob tour, the duo sneaks away for special PANTyRAiD events at sold-out venues across the country. A welcomed off-chute from the in-your-face dubstep counter culture, the duo drop pockets full of purple-flavored booty bass that has panties replacing glow sticks as concert goer’s stage toss of choice. Each show grows wilder than the last and is followed by stories of Saints football player appearances, inflatable duck crowd surfing, and post-show fan antics. Over a year since their last release and highly anticipated by the duo’s rapidly growing fan base, Superior captures the sound of two road show legends in the making.

Ramping up with missile silo synth warning of an impending bass growl, the title track “Superior” is the bassline anthem transmitting the power of dubstep without dilution. “Jail Bait” is the sound of a dancefloor being raided by bassline crunk, a strong hip-hop beat and high-end rhythmic synth that stitches a PANTyRAiD patch on the fabric of West Coast hip hop fashion. And after going low, “The Music’s Not Over” heavy bass harmonizes against female vocals for the post-raid dance floor euphoria. The closing track, “Testarossa,” showcases the power of a complex bass line covered with vocal love raging towards a full crescendo.

Superior is available as from today at all major online retailers.

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