global soundclash round2
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YESSS MASSIVE!  Our winners from round 1 ready to rumble!


We got the #1 Woman in the GlobalBass scene, representing all the Ladies, it is the one and only, FLORE!!!!

The next group is not just a band, they are a global tribe that roams through the world blazing conscious fires in the minds and spirits of the people, welcome WATCHA CLAN!!!

The man who blazed through the competition of Group 1 with deep dub vibes and psychedelic sounds, the one they called Tara Putra!!!!

Last but not Least, one of the hottest groups in the nu-cumbia/bass scene right now, schlachthofbronx!!!!!!

The rules of this round are simple. Each artist enters with two tracks, you vote for the track that absolutly killed it for you in each bracket. The two artists with the highest vote-count from both brackets combined move on the finals.

We got big tunes here so crank up the volume and prepare for the showdown!

Voting ends May 3rd, 2011!



  1. and the winners are WATCHA CLAN and TARA PUTRA!!!

    Thanks for all the artists and of course readers, coming up next, the world first GlobalBass SoundClash Champion!!!

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