Catch our boy Puzzle in Denmark tomorrow night!

We want you to hear his whole release that came out late last year on Generation Bass Digital and so here it is in 128kbps for a taster:


Of course if you want to hear it and play it in full splendour then you can buy the release in 320:







Sound Escape is a line of events celebrating mind blowing music of all genres! We focus on bringing something new to the music scene in Denmark, and hope to challenge the “popular” music that seems to be inflating our venues and radio stations today!! The goal is to expose new the music to the people and to create a space for forward thinking where people who want to push the limits of mu…sic can excel.

Now it’s time for the second show this year and the first at Stengade since December. We are proud to present…

On Stage This Evening:

KUTMAH (Sketchbook, Dublab, LA)
Justin ‘Kutmah’ McNulty was born in Brighton, England to an Egyptian mother and Scottish father. Moving to the United States when he was twelve years old, KUTMAH grew up in Hollywood, California and ultimately made a name for himself as a talented underground artist & DJ.

An intrinsic member of eclectic Los Angeles-based music collective DUBLAB, in 2004 KUTMAH launched the seminal “Sketchbook”, which forged fundamental roots of the now-infamous LA beat scene.

In Spring 2010, without advance warning nor any provoking criminal activity, armed US Federal Agents entered KUTMAH’s home, incarcerated him for two months at a New Mexico detention centre under immigration charges, and ultimately deported him to the UK where he currently resides. Since then KUTMAH has toured Europe, playing shows with Saul Williams, The Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus, Gonjasufi, Dabrye, Teebs and others.

THE WORKS (Twelve Beats & Terry Tester)
The Works is a collaboration between the two Copenhagen based producers Twelve Beats and Terry Tester. The two have been involved with the danish hip hop scene for a while and been involved in both Nobody Beats The Beats and have made heads turn world wide with tracks finding their way to a Brownswood Bubbler compilation by Gilles Petterson and legendary 4Hero member Marc Mac.

PUZZLE (Generation Bass)
As a child puzzle was hit by high energy beams of starlight, originating from the unknown depths of the cosmos. He started seeing melodies in vibrant, shimmering, palettes of neon, and started weaving them together with thick blankets of bubbling bass. People who heard his music were lured into his labyrinth of puzzle beats, many of whom have never returned..

Puzzle is the next branch in the ever growing GENERATION BASS family tree. His 8-bit oriented, bass heavy lazerstep is breaking barriers and winning new souls daily.

Part southern style Hip-Hop beats get fused with blubby and wobbly synths to create a dense, layered sound in which the drums peak up like blinking lights.

These are not just random dubstep productions, they border on Skweee as well and feature a very personal use of melody and arranging.

More than just bangers, these are bangers with soul…

PAPA (New Folder)
Papa’s music is a fusion of instrumental Hip-Hop, ambient and experimental electronic music. Using his APC, he flips through samples of obscure, funky and percussive music with a truly mesmerizing and hypnotic result. The inspiration often comes from cratediggin’ through his obscure and worldwide record-collection, mixing bits and pieces together.

Hosted By INSPIRED (Sound Escape)

FEE 50,-
Doors 21.00
Showstart 22.00 – Sharp (Stengade closes at 02.00)

The night will be recorded and broadcasted for Red Bull Music Academy Radio. Tune in at

FEE: 50,-


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