Every month after I do these posts I wonder if there will be enough new material next month to fill out an entire post and every month I am overwhelmed and surprised with the quality and quantity of Bass influenced Chipmusic being put out in the world and the vast majority for free or cheap.. I <3 Chip Bass!!! (image by Jenn Yves Lemoigne)


From the Netherlands this GameBoy artist (aka DEER or Mark van den Heuvel) has made some of my favourite chipstep stuff in the past but hasn’t been active for a little while, so it is with great pleasure I announce his return with this killer track that has a real unique swing and step to it and I am a big fan MORE PLEASE! Stream the Finished track below or download the Demo here

March of the Grizzly Bears by MONODEER




Now to the only active South African Chip artist that I know of  Sparkyboy. His most recent EP release is a great progression of his style and includes some Dubstep influences as well as a bit of Tropical/Reggaeton and electro and is really really great fun. My two favourite tracks on the release are Veldstep and Danger Danger (Stream Below). Really just download the whole thing for free from Calmdownkidder records its worth it.


Maddest Kings Alive


Australian Multi-Chip instrumentalist has come out with a new cracking classic dub track with nice chip melodies and earthquake inducing sub-bass. Towards the middle once the breaks kick in and it gets going this track really really shines, pick the track up for just $1!



Another Australian and not the last in this post either (incredibly biased towards the aussie chip scene deal with it). little-scale from Adelaide is not only a very prolific and talented artist but also a keen inventor of new tools and hardware for the chip community and also recently graduated with a Doctorate which focused on Chipmusic. It was actually his study I believe that prevented him from releasing as much material in some time (for an artist that also completed a song everyday last year). So this short EP is a welcome return for the artist and it is great to hear him attacking a slightly wonky bass-driven sound on the title track, check it out and download the EP here.


Chalices of the Past


LETS GET TROPICAL!! This squad from Britain bring out the lo-fi distorted steel drum vibe so well I immediately grabbed this release when it came out. The previous release 2Rude is unlike anything else in the chip scene and so incredibly refreshing because of it, yet within the uniquness there is an element of unified sound that even crosses to this new release. Super distorted kick drums, tropical rhythms, steel drums, glitched bleepy melodies, it is a recipe that seems to be repeatable with constant success. Literally one of my favourite releases of the year incredibly original.

Bankai + Abortifacient

This is a release I have been awaiting and even though it isn’t out yet the first sounds of what to expect have appeared and it is a giant mash of chipstep, kuduro, moombahxcore and whatever else. Batshit crazy Australians making gritty lo-fi bangers is probably the best thing ever so have a listen, and keep an eye on ALLCAPS RECORDS for when this drops.

Four Litres of Hope (demo, feat. Abortifacient) by Bankai



The unchallenged lord and master of dancefloor chipmusic in Australia cTrix in preparation for heading off to Blipfestival in New York next month (I will be going to and will give a special Blipfest ChipBass round-up and review next month), he has released another one of his epic jams. This is all live Gameboy Tech-House stuff running through a DJ Mixer and its unashamedly cheesy at times but so masterfully done it gets booties shaking on the first drop.. Download here.


An EP of some upcoming ChipBass madness from SKGB. It looks like to be a mix of bass influenced chip of varying tempos and flavours from Drum’n’Bass to heavy halftime dubstep breakdowns to more ambient melody driven tracks. Great sounds and a nice variety of tracks I am looking forward to downloading this one when it comes out.

The Further Adventures of SKGB (promo) by SKGBdub


Etch (Ant1 remix)

Vekta Records the sweet creative commons based future dub garage label that released the Chipstep banger by Kraettz are about to put out a Remix EP of their most recent release by Etch, RGB. I have been flung the Ant1 remix and it is a real nice mix of chip arps and heavy bass grooves. Expect this to be out in the next week or so, keep your eyes on the Vekta Records page.


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