João Brasil - Tropical Bomb

Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb Tropical bomb

4/21/11 – Tropical Bomb by João Brasil is released free on Mann Recording. This successful mash-up of the classic lambada tune makes me all warm and happy inside! I asked MANN about the history of this track and this what they had to say:

joão wrote “tropical bomb” last winter when preparing tracks for his debut ep on man recordings. then j-lo came out with “on the floor” and we decided to not release “tropical bomb”, as she kind of stole the show using the “lambada” melody. when writing about the “lambada” story ( we decided to give away “tropical bomb” as free track to promote the ep.

Thanks J-lo, because of your crap we got this awesome release free!!! Get shakin’

João Brasil

João Brasil – Tropical Bomb by MANRECORDINGS

alternative d/l link:


To top off the Lambada week at Man Recordings with appropriate grandezza, we give away for free the amazing João Brasil track “Tropical Bomb”. Yes, it also features the Lambada melody, but João fuses it with the classic “Volt Mix” beat giving it a slick 1980s baile funk twist. (found here)

man fm

João was interviewed on the last edition of MANN FM (009). Enjoy a hot selection of tunes by Daniel Haaksman, and learn about João’s new release (see below), his history with the music, and about the BaileFunk and Technobrega movements in Brazil.

Man FM 009 – João Brasil by MANRECORDINGS


It’s getting warmer in Europe and that means it’s time to pick the summer hit of 2011. For us the leading aspirant for this most important hit under the sun is no other than Rios mashup king João Brasil and his single debut on Man Recordings, “L.O.V.E. Banana” feat.Lovefoxxx – released on all major online shops today. We also invited João to join us on the new issue of Man FM to talk about the making of the tune and whats going down in Rio these days. Daniel Haaksman interviewed João in Berlin, Trrbo wrapped up the podcast with some springy dance material and Señor Brasil contributed an eclectic exclusiv mix set, too.

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