Canalh on his cumbia mission !

New York based guitarist, Dj/producer, Thornato is back on Generation bass ! I like blogging him cause first time I discovered about him was in sexxy saturday cumbia, UMB blogging. Now I have a kind of e-musical friendship with Thornato (thanks UMB !) based on his quality music: it’s very well produced and Thornato cares about melody what definitly is lacking a lot nowadays. I automatically playlist some of his songs for my mixtapes and lives. Covering areas ranging from -30° to 50°: Thornato travels from Scandinavia where he was born, to Mediterranea where he finds inspiration and his mother’s roots.

Next stop is Colombia. Thornato spent 3 months there with his Cumba Mela audiovisual Collective meeting colombian artists, young and less young, working on tracks and shooting a documentary. He worked with Raffael Cassini, member of Sexteto Tabala, Las Alegres Ambulancias, Viviano Torres, Walter Hernandez from El sistema solar and even Quantic ! In Medellin with a little help from The Arepa magazine Crew and Jeff he connected up with Explosion Negra. I can perfectly imagine them drinking chela (beer) in the San Antonio parc in the city center, great video parceros !!

Petrona Martinez – Sepiterna (thornato rmx) by Thornato

Pedro Ramaya Beltran – Soy la Cumbia (thornato remix) by Thornato

His edits are great but personnaly I am a fan of his proper composition or collaborations waiting to be released: Cumba Mela is completing the work of their Colombia project and since Thornato recently moved to a new flat in NY and will have a dedicated space to record music; he is working on EP/album/live, you can expect great productions from him such as this one:

Barcelona (Instrumental) by Thornato

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