Been quite a while since we did a single feature on AlexisK but here she is again showing more signs of why we were so excited about her when we broke her all over blogosphere over a year ago.

All has not been well, health-wise with her, and we wish her a full & speedy recovery:

“My hearing has almost completely returned. I’ll be taking things slowly in returning to making music and thank you all for the ongoing support and well wishes. Its a huge relief that the deafness wasnt permanent. Hope you are all well,
Alice xX”

She has even dedicated a track to your favourite blog:

Alexis K – Generation Bass by AlexisK

And here’s some other greatness too:

Alexis K – Absolution [MusicHype] – All proceeds to Christchurch Red Cross by AlexisK

Minuit – Except You (Alexis K) [Empathy] – ALL PROCEEDS TO CHCH RELIEF by AlexisK

Out Now by AlexisK

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