Hope you’ve all had some sunny Easter days like the ones we’ve had here in Northern Europalia.

Through DJ/Rupture‘s always excellent Mudd Up! blog I came across one of his new mixes, especially done as a #2 for the soundwise Domus city mixtape series project curated by Daniel Perlin (aka dj N-Ron), which really deserves some fine attention from all your good & open ears.

If you don’t know DJ/Rupture by now nor his excellent mixes, you probably have been asleep these past 10 years or just not following the right streams of innovative mixing. He can be seen as one of the people from the early days of the global bass scene, long before it even got this nowadays hyped name.

This amazing afro-ternative the Sound Of Harlem mixtape is, ofcourse, all about the Harlem neighbourhood in NYC. It dives deep into the Afro-American utopia and further, exchanging bass with soundscapes. Rupture’s mixing here gets widened by the spoken word of poet/writer Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts who cites passages from her freshly published book Harlem Is Nowhere: A Journey to the Mecca of Black America, the first part in a trilogy.

In their excerpted words:
“We first arrived in Harlem through books and poetry and music; a Harlem of dreams. The street-level view came later. Listening to and walking through this city-within-a-city requires having one’s ears to the ground and eyes to its expansive sky. If Harlem is a “nowhere” in the sense of a utopia, we hope to slip – via the music – into that location.”.

Listen with great care.

1. DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, and Chief Boima – Elegy for Mr Peach (Rupture mix)
2. Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts – “It’s a Long Story”
3. Shabazz Palaces – kill white t, parable of the nigga who barrels stay hot, made by [email protected]
4. Maga Bo – Saye Mbott feat. ALIF
5. Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts – “Change Your State of Mind”
6. DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek – Don’t Give It All Up feat. Jahdan Blakkamoore and Aku (mudd mix)
7. DJ Rupture – Schomburg Approach / Congress Hiss
8. Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts – “Searching for the Underground City”
9. Pursuit Grooves – Pressure
10. Superfront PSA – English version
11. Rev. Johnny L. Jones – I Got Drunk for the Lord / Train is Moving on
12. Gil Scott-Heron – New York Is Killing Me
13. Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts – “The Magnitude of the Current Crisis”
14. Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor – School Burnt Down
15. Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts – “Everything is Gonna Be Alright”
16. Jennie C. Jones – You Make Me Feel Like 100 Billie Holiday Songs
17. DJ Rupture, Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts, Timeblind – “Rajah Rabo’s 5-Star Mutuel Dream Book”
18. Timeblind – Slow Conv Stryder 2
19. Nettle – Ballad of Jimmy Hollin (Leafcutter John remix)
20. Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts – “Why Are You Scared of Reparations?”
21. Lamin Fofana – What Elijah Said
22. Das Racist – Puerto Rican Cousins
23. Superfront PSA – Spanish version
24. Sekreto – Gota (El Hijo de la Cumbia remix)
25. Jahdan Blakkamoore – Dollar Van (skit)
26. Timeblind – Rastabomba
27. Richard Skelton – Threads Across the River
28. Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts – “Even the Dead Will Not Be Safe”
29. DJ Rupture, Matt Shadetek, and Chief Boima – Elegy for Mr Peach (Rupture mix)
30. Sharifa Rhodes-Pitts – “See You Next Year At the Parade”

That’s not all, there’s also mixtape #1, the Sound of Mexico DF. Mixed & spoken by journalist/blogger Daniel Hernandez of the Intersections blog, who just published his book Down and Delirious in Mexico City.

This mix is one great swinging ride along the ever-noisy streets of the Mexican capital, from cumbia to tribal guarachero, sonideras, rockabilly, ska, hiphop and more. Check the title for tracklisting.


And last but not least; mixtape #3, the Sound of Buenos Aires, with sounds from our favorite digital cumbia label ZZK, spoken words by Leandro Erlich and mixed by N-Ron. The result is a mix of lush, thumping cumbia bass and exotic urban spheres put together to see the Argentine capital with closed eyes. For tracklisting, also click on the title link.


Oh, should you be in Amsterdam this Saturday for the orange infested Queensday celebrations; we’re doing a Rebel Up! Soundclash party with the fine Brussels folks Hoquets and Jean Mikili and will focus on dance music from the free ex-colonies and immigrant populations of Belgium & Holland. No orange sounds, but only multi-coloured sounds! The night will be a fundraiser for the Belgian/Rwandese NGO Igitego Inyange.

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