Of course, I’m always interested in exploring different forms of dubstep and here’s some Baroque and Classical Dubstep.

Thanks 2 my dude GoldRush for tipping me onto Diazo!

Welcome to the worlds of the American, Diazo & the Russian, Megaclown!


This really is beautiful stuff!

Here’s more about this artist:

I’ve been writing now for what seems like forever.  I am a pianist as well as a guitarist.  I make weird blends of Classical (mostly based on Baroque Rules, though I don’t subscribe to them completely) and electronic music.  If I were to list a few of my favorite artists who influence me, they would be; JS Bach, Aphex Twin, Daedelus, Vivaldi, Nosajthing, and VSnares.

I am a bit of a ghost on here. I often disappear for long spans of time due to how messed up everything is in my life at the moment, I’m sure this is reflected onto my musical production. Regardless I would like to say that I deeply appreciate the wonderfully kind words people leave me. It makes all the time I spend writing well worth the effort.

I’m signed to Steal My Oil Records (assuming they aren’t angry over how damn long Catholicon is taking to finish…)

I was a victim of a series of accidents, as are we all – Malachi Constant

Down Her Feathers Fall — Written by diazo and JAYO by diazo

*TROYV—Social Contrition [Coughing Up My Soul Remix] by diazo

The Scarlet Dancer Concerto by diazo

Initial None – Feat. Gizella by diazo

Dust by diazo


Really feeling what this dude is doing too, adding his own vibe and atmosphere to Dubstep, which I think is really important.

Here’s what this dude says about himself:

Im a Sound Producer in my own record studio. I work with the random music genres, but Dubstep, Dnb, IDM, Neurofunk and Experimental genres are my favourite, and I always love to compose something in this styles.  Just enjoy, it’s my home made songs.  Glad if you like it. Yours, Alexi!

Megaclown – Autumn Spirit [Cut version] by Megaclown

Megaclown – Line [Cut version] by Megaclown

Megaclown – Megaclown Theme (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Megaclown

Megaclown – Anomaly (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Megaclown



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