Here’s Vince aka SDP aka loads of other stuff with yet another something new aka DRVG CVLTVRE!

Here’s what he says:

I’ve been working on some new tracks the last two years under the name DRVG CVLTVRE.  It’s a slowed down disco/deep house hybrid with global and 80’s pop elements in there as well.  I’m quite happy with the results and have some releases upcoming as well.

Laura Gemser/Ghettoscraper will release a 12” soon with 4 tracks, plus there are two 7”s coming up.  One with the mighty Ekoplekz (uk, mordant music & punch drunk – check his stuff out as well!) and one with my good friend Leyland James Kirby, also known as V/VM or The Caretaker. Another thing I’m very excited about is a paired cassette release called LASER DOLPHINS vol 1 & 2, and there is some interest to do a CD, but I don’t know yet if that’s something I want to pursue.

For now, I’ve chosen these 4 tracks in a neat little package that I’ve made available for download. They have a sleeve as well, so if you are a blogger, you can use it, but you can also do your own creative thing of course… anyway, please listen to the music if you have a chance, it would be greatly appreciated if you do.  If you have a account, please scrobble my music and/or befriend me there? is the link for that.

Title: Three Dee Eagle EP

1. The Party’s Over
2. Ryder
3. Offender Status
4. Dakar

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