Pretty dembow heavy selections this week: UK Funky from The Town, Def $ound (2DEEP) with some Reggaeton and a mix of unknown origin which I’m dying to identify… maybe some of you guys can help… Lets do this:

The Town

The Funky zeitgeist may have been and gone to be replaced by its slower dembow cousins, but it’s still a sound with huge depths to be explored… at it’s best it’s dark, atmospheric, tribal (and wonderfully un-funky) – this mix showcases some of the best. There are a couple of moments where the cheesy r&b vocals are borderline (Daniel Merriweather remix? really?) but in a way this stuff is so damn deep & dark that you need those little moments of fluff to ease the tension. Absolute highlight of this mix for me is The Town’s own Velvet Tears with its uncompromising drums and sinister strings, well worth checking this mix for that tune alone…

54’14” – UK Funky – Mixed & Selected by The Town™ by The Town™ [Karve & Kazey]

1 – L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (The Town Intro Edit)
2 – Ill Blu – Pull It Instrumental (The Town Edit)
3 – Hard House Banton – The Music
4 – Zed Bias Feat. Jenna G – Fly
5 – Tadow – Rising Sun
6 – Contakt – Not Forgotten
7 – Seiji – Basslips
8 – French Fries – Merel
9 – Jook 10 – Get Up
10 – Daniel Merriweather – Red (Lil Silva Remix)
11 – Tommy Kid – Salam Alaykoum
12 – The Town – Velvet Tears
13 – Unknown – WHITE LABEL
14 – Walter Ego – Mofo Riddim
15 – DJ Naughty – Laws Of Attraction
16 – Outkast – SpottieOttieDopaliscious (Nacey Remix)
17 – C.D.B.L – Feel So Good

Def $ound (2DEEP)

This got posted on the Moombahton facebook group, a little reminder of where it all came from (well, partly). For me straight up reggaeton contains the most important elements which make Moombahton so great, but it’s not something I’d massively explored before the moombah explosion, I’m glad to finally be giving the genre the attention it deserves.


2Deep Intro
Daddy Yankee Ft Don Omar – Gata Gangster
Daddy Yankee Ft Las Gunabanas – Mi Gatita y yo
Nicky Jam – Yo no soy tu marido
Nicky Jam – Me Voy pal party
Don omar – Dale don dale
Plan B – Adicta Al Sexo
Ivy Queen – Yo quiero bailar
Yaga Y Mackie – Si tu me calientas
Rafy El Mercenario – Metele con cadela
Daddy Yankee – Tu no tienes miedo
Don Chezina – Tra
Baby Rasta y Gringo – Vine Matar
Sir Speedy – Amor con la ropa
Daddy Yankee – Yo nunca me quedo atras


Finally this one, this mix is immense and I’ve got no idea who it is or what the tracklisting is – there’s a voice coming in every now and then saying the DJ name and I can’t make it out and it’s driving me crazy. Sounds a but like DJ NUNUMIX? The link says DJ JULIO but can’t find anything relevant when searching for that – and I don’t know if that just means it was someone’s mix from July. Anyone who wants to take a listen and let me know what you think it is in the comments please do! Even better, if it’s you, get in touch & send us the tracklist! Starts off with 20 minutes of reggaeton all based around Get Your Freak On, pregressing through to some BANGING industrial 3bal techno at the end. The very end moves into pretty questionable euro-techno but until then this is pure fyah….

Download: Mix de Reggaeton, Perreo, Tribal, Onderground, Techno, Industrial, DJ JULIO MIX

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