Been a while since I did a Drumstep Friday but it just seems to be everywhere at the minute on new commercial releases!!!!


1. Nhertz

2. Dj Solo

3. Broly

4. Omega Dubstep

5. Thor

6. Alexandre Sounds

7. Korah

8. Mix N Blend

9. Stylust Beats

10. Wondawulf

11. H3 (We Are Mutants)

12. Drumfoundead


This is a forthcomning release by my Italian mate and his first Drumstep remix and shiit, it’s awesome!

Epitome – BrokenWood (Nhertz Drumstep Remix) [DUBSTRESS] > forthcoming NoMad Records [NMR013] by nhertz


We had a great mix up here by this dude a few weeks back and he’s back with some sublime slices of drumstep for free!


What They Want Is Filth (DJ SOLO Drumstep VIP) by DJ SOLO

Kenny Powers Sk8 or Die (DJ SOLO Drumstep VIP) by DJ SOLO

The Office (DJ SOLO Remix) by DJ SOLO

The Office (DJ SOLO Remix) by DJ SOLO


I got into the EDM scene at a very young age.  I started producing music at about the age of 12 or 13.  I began working on DJing at about 15. I picked it up very quickly.

I was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I was raised in Seaside Heights, New Jersey and I currently reside in Dallas, Texas.  I am currently unsigned and I am up for offers 😀

Broly – The Masta Blasta (Rough Cut W.I.P. UPDATED 2.0) by Broly

Broly – Dougie Like You Mean It (Cali Swag Distric vs The Glitch Mob & Trowa) by Broly


Been noticing some of the Simplify and Play Me artists dropping loads of drumstep recently and here’s one by these dudes, Omega !

Samples – Viricapnity (Omega Remix) by OmegaDubstep


From LA, this dude makes a timely return!

Waitin for a party drumstep jam – Th0r by th0rmusic


Sounds like Classical Baroque Drumstep or even Vaski doing Drumstep but sounds great & gothic!

Alexandre – Baroque as a Joke by alexandresounds


From Calgary, Canada, Korah got some skillz!

Stream below and grab it HERE

Stimulate *FREE DOWNLOAD* by Korah


We even got our mates from South Africa into Drumstep, amazing track!

Gazelle – Just Now (Mix n Blend’s Remix) by mixnblend


Remix I did for a group called “Who Cares” outta Reno….It is currently released on Simplify Recordings and the project includes remixes from some of my favourite artstists including : Love and Light, Ill Eesha, Night Riderz, Samples and many others!

Who Cares – Sad & Gray (Stylust Remix) SIMP043 by Stylust Beats


Drumstep meets Moombahton!!!!!

Requake vs. Roommate – Waterdrops (Wondawulf Drumstep Remix) by Wondawulf


Malaysian Drumstep, oh yess!

H3 ft. The Velociraptaw – Bassface (Original Mix) by H3 (We Are Mutants)


DRUMFOUNDEAD is comprised of THORN ON A ROSE(Dj N*TRO)(not Nitro, like Intro YES !!!) & PELiGRO (Pell-lee-grow). Longtime vinyl/dubplate fiends both of them with over 25+ years combined experience. And with years of beat making as well it’s no wonder they have several releases now under Token Bass, Serious War Rec, Rockers Dub, Rockers 175 & Generation Bass.

Drumfoundead-Hate Me Now(clip) by DRUMFOUNDEAD


  1. Thanks for the post! My Apocalypse mix is not drumstep at all, but it’s bangin and I appreciate any support.

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