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Easily one of the most intriguing core components of the moombahton movement is the nature of the internet allowing DJs from multiple locales to work together on creating projects. Of course, transnational kingpins Munchi and David Heartbreak and the Latin/house dream team of Dave Nada and DJ Sabo come to mind from moombahton’s first year, and their success has been noted, especially when the twin duos headlined Moombahton Massive II at DC’s U Street Music Hall. But what about year two? The method has proven effective, so who would be willing to take up the slack? If your answer was Dave Nada cosigned, DC tattoo artist and Tropixxx party representing top notch moombahtonista Billy the Gent, Miami’s own Laidback Luke co-signed DJ JWLS and Richmond, Virginia’s top tier massive event Brian Drain and Audio Ammo crew representative Long Jawns, and their VIBRATE CHICK EP, you would be correct.

This may be the crunkest that moombahton has ever been. Hip hop has always had a love affair with Latin culture. However, when southern hip hop, the realm of the most booty quaking of 808s, merged with Latin culture and the crunk style of artists like Miami’s Trick Daddy, amazing things began to occur. This EP takes a close look at that period, and takes tropical bass in a very populist direction because of it. Billy and JWLS’ “Chick Like This” features one of those black college inspired percussive breakdowns with an excellently chopped 808 over some massive tubas. “Vibrate,” with both the Billy and Long Jawns and JWLS remix variety can take a party from hot to deep in a less than ten minute trip.

I had the opportunity to catch up with Billy the Gent to get a rundown on the amazing story of the unique collaborative spirit that put this most crunk of moombahton releases together:

Marcus – So how do three moombahtonistas from three completely separate areas of the country come together to make a moombahton EP?

BTG – Ok, Long and I have been linking up and working of tracks for a while now. We were mostly working on house tracks and stuff like that,  but one session we sat down for, Long had played me a moombahton track he had started. I knew right away we had to finish it….it was really good. I told him it reminded me of some of the tracks that ive heard by this dude named “JWLS” from Miami. He gave me this look and said, “thats funny you say that cause it was a big inspiration for this track!” So we finished that track up and sent it over to JWLS for input and he instantly hit us back and asked if he could do a remix of it, and obviously we said yes.

Marcus – There are three tracks on here, that represent two very intriguing takes on the same track (Bangladesh produced 2004 Petey Pablo regional hit “Vibrate”) and a third separate production, Chick Like This (which heavily samples Trick Daddy’s 2004 track “J.O.D.D.” with Khia and Tampa Tony). How did the process end up with two tracks and a remix?

BTG – Well, JWLS decided to remix “Vibrate,” so that explains the first 2 tracks of this EP. The 3rd one was a track that i had started working on and sort of hit a brick wall with.  I let it sit for a while and came back to it and realized that i should finish it. I tested it out at the Massive Tres (Moombahton Massive Tres, recently at U Street Music Hall, where Billy and Cam Jus closed the event) and it sounded great. So meanwhile me, Long and JWLS are sitting on these 2 tracks “Vibrate/Vibrate remix)  and i thought,  im should just hit JWLS up to help me finish this “Chick like me” track and then we should put all 3 of the songs out as an EP!   So in some way or another we all had something to do with all the tracks….its pretty cool.   I dont think many people do stuff like this, especially with moombahton….”


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