Canalh on his cumbia mission  !

Hola [email protected], there’s a lot of stuff to speak about lately. For me it’s regularly easier to speak about cumbia colombiana, cause it’s the origin and the one I know best. But second comes the cumbia mexicana, no doubt about it. La Super Cumbia Futuristica—an artist collective of Mexico City producers and DJ’s – is with Toy Selectah, the best exportation cumbia from Mexico. What they do is simply great and sounds amazing ! It’s good cumbia blended with the synthetic sonic palette of Electronica; the urbanized, rhythmic thump of club and dance culture, and the expansive cinematic orchestrations and production of Downtempo music. I am simply a fan of their sound especially Afrodita and the voice of its singer, the rich sound of G-flux and the cumbia & pop & roll of the Wendys. After the Ciclon del Caribe EP and the Spacecumbia compilation, they launched a compilation “DF Tropical” on the label: ’24 hour sounds/us’, out yesterday and it’s “que sabor !”; DOWLOAD IT FROM HERE.

Kumbacha (G-Flux) by spacecumbia

Trivolution (G-Flux vs Afrodita Deeper Remix) by spacecumbia

Some europeans are doing great as well, listen to this Solo Moderna cumbia. The track is called “Sonido Pouble”: a classic cumbia beat, nice crazy samples, real dirty bass, and a fresh accoustic guitar melodic line, this cumbia is unique. Solo Moderna says about his music “Some of you my think, Pouble? Pouble comes from the French junk or waistbin and refers to the hometown organization Poubelle where I’m mostly bying my vegetables but also instruments like waisted 10 euro guitars, drums, xylophones etc witch I have been using on Sonido Pouble. So in fact it’s junk- or waistbin audio! ” . Waistbin audio ?!! Man,  I wish all the waistbin of internet would sound like Solo Moderna sound !! The man is about to lauch the “Sonido Pouble EP” on the danish label Urbanworld records 19/05/11, so watch it out here !

Solo Moderna – Sonido Poubel by UrbanWorld Records

El Mayonesa is back, another style, but still, really nice, fun and entertaining. I listened to this one several time. FREE DOWNLOAD !

Kes Ei Ole Bashmendil On Ment (CUMBIA MIX) by ELMAYONESA

And to keep you fit, dance on this mix from TupolEvsoundcrash; FREE DOWNLOAD:

CUMBIA WARRIORS MIXTAPE VOL 2 by tupolevsoundcrash


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