Midnight (NYC time) tonight Thurs 12 May 2011 Generation Bass take over NYC for their new monthly radio show for Mo Glo on KEXP.ORG.

Join Vince from midnight to 12.30 and then join me (DJ UMB) from 12.30 – 1.00 am. (NYC time)

So if you’re in NYC, half of Jersey and part of Connecticut, tune in and PLEASE spread the word for us and wish us luck.

The show is not available outside of the above locations and there is no stream back facility as yet BUT we will upload shows onto Mixcloud so that the rest of the world can also hear what we’re up to!

To celebrate I thought I’d leave you with a few famous tracks about NYC!

The most important hip-hop song of all time is a chilling verbal tour of a New York ghetto in the early 1980s. The Grandmaster’s emcees rap about poverty and unemployment, pimps and prostitutes, junkies and dealers. The chorus is indelible: ‘It’s like a jungle sometimes, it makes me wonder / How I keep from going under.’

Classic rock’s weirdest staple could only have come from Lou Reed. The New York oracle sings about transvestites, prostitutes and reckless thrill seekers converging on the city, dropping some politically incorrect and sexually vivid language along the way. Why FM radio ever agreed to play this is anyone’s guess. Why New Yorkers love it is perfectly clear.

There are plenty of reasons why John Lennon loved New York, but this might be the biggest: he loved hanging out with New Yorkers. For evidence, see this hard-edged rave-up about running around the city and deciding to make it his home. When he sings ‘Que pasa, New York,’ it’s a declaration that the Big Apple is one of his buddies.



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