[ART: Hassan Hajjaj]

I’m a huge, huge fan of Arabic & Middle Eastern music.  The strings and vocals just make me weak at the knees and give me butterflies in my stomach, yep it’s true <3 <3 <3.

UMB + Arabic music 4eva 🙂

And so of course I nearly came when I discovered this a while back.  I just got around to sharing it cause sometimes I like to keep some of this stuff to myself!

Some really, really wonderful stuff here from the Lebanese Underground, in particular the Ahwak track below, which is a cover of a famous Arabic classic recorded previously by some greats, Abdel Halim Hafiz & Fairuz!

The Lebanese Underground is a musical movement headed by Hamdan Zeid, best known as one half of Soap Kills:

I think he is using this movement to highlight the artists he has worked with and also the wealth of new musical talent emerging from the underground in Lebanon and some of it is wowza, just check it out.

Track commenatry by Hamdan!

Maryam Saleh

written by Cheikh Imam and Ahmed Fouad Negm ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheikh_Imam)

A Satirical song about how the American president NIXON was welcomed in Egypt with all the protocol in 1974.

I just added some percussion to Maryam s voice . Her power and charisma revives this song in a very modern way.   I don t know if i will add anything to it … i ll let her decide …

MARYAM SALEH Nixon BABA by Lebaneseunderground

A Demo produced for Maryam Saleh .
Lyrics by the one and only Omar Mustafa !

Vocals were recorded in Cairo in a flat on my laptop in November 2010 during my tour with Kazamada . I built some music around it yesterday. A litle taste of what the album could sound like . We should release an EP early this summer . . I can t wait to be on stage with her! Much love and respect to this amazing singer performer.

Wahdi by Lebaneseunderground


A demo recorded in 2006 for a Bob Marley cover contest .

With RGB , MC Joker and MC Sisska.

Awast demo2 by Lebaneseunderground


My friends have been insisting so much that I do a track for the Arab spring.
so here it is ! I know It s not deep poetry but it comes straight from the heart .
I hope u like it.  Recorded with a buzk and some percussion.

Eskat el nizam by Lebaneseunderground

A song by Zaki Nassif i remixed for Hiba Mansouri a Syrian singer . Check the video , i shot it with a cheap still digital camera .

Ahwak by Lebaneseunderground


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