I think you all know how much I dig this dude, just quality, emotional stuff. I can’t wait to hear his new album, it’s gonna be dope, no doubt about it.

Plus of course he is hugely into Purple and some truly great people have been into Purple including my other faves, Prince & Joker!!!!

Here’s what the PR says:

When not on the road as MartyParty or as PANTyRAiD, the South African-born performer and producer locks down in his Brooklyn-based studio to produce a diverse catalog of original heat – from downtempo compositions that slip behind the curtains of a dark and twisted audio fantasy to intense stadium anthems riddled with hooks and bass. His exploration into the world of future bass tells an electronic story of Purple – the subject of his debut album release.

“When I returned home from touring North American with The Monsters of Bass, I wanted to sit down and write a collection of songs that summed up the kinds of energy and emotion I found myself feeling and expressing to the audiences on tour every day,” states Marty. “This album touches on various forms of purple energy in a journey through the genre. The Purple album demonstrates the incredible range of this electronic genre and how it can express light and dark, turn from gentle to hard, but always delivers its message using the power of synthesized sounds.




Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Deathstar Remix feat MartyParty & Minnesota) by MartyParty

Purple EP – Cocaine – Free DL by MartyParty

Purple EP – 808s, I Want Some – Free DL by MartyParty

Purple EP – Strictly Business – Free DL by MartyParty


  1. hellz yea!! MartyParty is my personal favorite dubstep producer and this release continues the flow of quality tunes from the man! The remix of Adele’s Rolling in the deep is a number one dancefloor killah and supreme subwoofer shaker!

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