Varying degrees of wonkyness from this week’s selected selectas with breakcore/gypsycore/whatevercore from Fexomat, murky dub & bass action from Goosensei and some moombahton-and-other-slow-stuff from Slugrave.

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I downloaded this first thing on Monday morning this week, feeling extremely, well, Monday morningy after the weekend, but man did this quadruple-espresso-laced-with-amphetamine of a mix snap me out of it..! For a non breakcore (or whatever ___core this is) afficionado this mix is a bit looong – in fact I couldn’t make it all the way to the end, this stuff is great but it’s INTENSE, and you start to feel a little like you’re just being repeatedly bludgeoned with a blunt sonic object. Despite that, there’s lots of interesting tunes in here, particularly in the second half when some of Fexomat’s own Gypsycore stuff makes an appearance (check those tunes out with someo downloads here: Gypsy Tracks by Fexomat). Well worth checking out if you want to clear away the cobwebs in your brain.

Fexomat @ ZMF [ZMF/Berlin] 2011 by Fexomat


Some great wonky dub and deeep bass from Goosensei aka Mat out of Birmingham. This dude sent me a mix months ago but it got buried in the black hole of despair that is my inbox, finally got around to checking him out though and I’m glad I did, not just for this murktastic mix but for his own Goostep productions which are well worth a listen.

MIni Mix – Goosensei by GOOSENSEI

1. Champion Deejay – Top Cat
2. Kingdom – Untold
3. I Know You Got Soul (Goosensei Remix) – Bobby Byrd
4. Screwball – DJG
5. Come Around (6 Blocc Remix) – Collie Buddz & Shaggy
6. Moog Dub – 2562
7. BigBird – Goosensei
8. Never Scared – 6Blocc
9. I’ll Stay – James Blake
10. Fantasmas – 23 HZ & Numaestro
11. Snow and Taxis (Throwing Snow Remix) – Gold Panda
12. In The Lounge – DJ Madd
13. Burning Up – Skream
14. Higher – Breakage
15. Everyday Dreamer – Dom HZ
16. Praise Dub – 23Hz & Numaestro
17. CMYK – James Blake
18. LFO – Kito ft. Reija Lee
19. Timestretch – Bassnectar


Excellent mix in this summer’s BPM of choice, but not just sticking to Moombah, there’s slow disco jams, wonky 4-4 hip hop (Quest ‘Smooth Skin’ & Nochexx ‘Smashing Your System’ both awesome finds on this tape for me) and swirling electro soundscapes… builds really well gradually ramping up the intensity until the sublime ending from Nico Muhly, gorgeous interpretation of the traditional ‘The Twa Sisters’.

Slugrave Mixtape #004 – Side B by slugrave

(think they may take down the soundcloud version at some point, if so head to mixcloud: Slugrave Mixtape #004 – Side B)

01. DJ Moms & the Amazinggaijin ‘Sabro (Subvader Remix)’ [Top Billin]
02. Kito & Reija Lee ‘Broken Hearts’ [Mad Decent]
03. Om Unit ‘The Corridor’ [Terroryhthm]
04. The 13th Tribe ‘We Are Many’ [Ugly Boy]
05. J Bevin ‘Zulu (Slugbahton Edit)’ [Deep Teknologi]
06. Roska & Jamie George ‘Wonderful Day’ [Dave Nada Moombahton Edit]
07. Africa Hitech ‘Our Love’ [WARP]
08. Quest ‘Smooth Skin’ [Deep Medi Muzik]
09. Nochexx ‘Smashing Your System’ [Werkdiscs]
10. Ghostpoet ‘Survive It feat. Fabiana Palladino (Quest’s Guidance Mix’ [Brownswood]
11. Martyn Slott ‘Pointing Fingers’ [All City]
12. Nico Muhly ‘The Only Tune – III: The Only Tune feat. Sam Amidon’ [Bedroom Community]


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