Whenever I get my Hawaiian shirt out here on Generation Bass, can only mean 1 thing, sun shiney, happy people music 🙂

Exactly what this stuff here is, big 🙂 on yer face!

Dj and producer influenced from always for the cumbias that the parents & uncles played at meetings, ends of year and the memorable dances in the Casino of the People.

To grow in the years 80’s seeing the guys whit jackets as Michael Jackson and the imitations of the Moonwalk dance move.

The disco nights ,speakers, lights, smoke. The wanderings in the raves, one that another drop, blue pill and red pill. Direct to the hole of the rabbit!!


Project of cumbia – folkrore – electronica from Oliver Toledo, DJ and producer who pioneered the electronic scene in Tabasco and Oaxaca, Mexico.The project comes at the end of 2007 with sporadic gigs at parties, meetings, ceremonies, cultural events. . . . . and in late 2010 that Le Cumbianche Disco begins with production of remixes, mashups, remakes of different musical genres to the pair of presentations at events.

As a Dj set has performed with artists such as Nortec Collective Clorofila, Toy SELECTAH, Sonido Desconocido II among others.

Los Flamers feat. House of Pain – Los luchadores Jump ( Le Cumbianche Disco Remix ) by Le Cumbianche Disco

Grupo Kual – La Kumbia de los peregrinos ( Le Cumbianche Disco Remake ) by Le Cumbianche Disco

Daft Punk – Harder better faster stronger ( Le Cumbianche Disco remix ). Version para IMAGINA 2011. by Le Cumbianche Disco

Juan Garcia Esquivel – Odisea Burbujas ( Le Cumbianche Disco Remix ). by Le Cumbianche Disco

Los Yes Yes – El verde de tus ojos ( Le Cumbianche Disco Remake ) by Le Cumbianche Disco

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