Canalh on his cumbia mission once again.

Today we’ll begin with an excellent mix of Cumbia mexicana (Sonidera) made in Brasil by a german guy, Wolfram redactor of the blog Soundgoods. That’s how we like it at GB. I wanted to post it last week but my post was ready. Are you ready, cause this mix will make you sand up and dance, for sure ! MEXICO ! Wolfram has been living in Rio for almost 7 years. As a geographer he works in research projects, consulting and international academic cooperation. Those projects fortunately bring him regularly to different parts of the world like Mexico, Mozambique and Argentina. he always check the local markets where he travels to for sound thus most of the mixtapes present only original local stuff. He started making music as a kid, later playing Bass (electric and upright) in several bands with different styles, He is DJing for more than 12 years. Well listen to his Sabor Sonidero Mixtape, I love it (it helped me packed my stuff the whole last WE).

Sabor Sonidero Mixtape by SoundGoods by SoundGoods

01. Grupo Maravilla De Robin Revilla – Viva Mexico
02. Grupo La Cumbia – Yambao
03. Robotica
04. Estrellas De La Kumbia – Cumbia Aventura
05. La Cumbia Dance – Real Cumbia Dance
06. La Cumbia Torera
07. Grupo Majezza – La Cumbia De Los Puchikas
08. Princesa Talibana
09. Sonido Santana – Cumbia De Los Efectos Especiales
10. Lo Que Traje De Colombia
11. Los Cholos Tambien Lloran

Leaving the coast of Colombia, cumbia lost a lot of rythmic complexity and was reduced to that characteristic “Tsssss tssss tsssssss” with the guacharaca or the guiro. Meeting industrial productions centers, especially Medellin, cumbia was everywhere. Chucu chucu is how the colombians named the simplified cumbia spreading from the Colombian coast to the inner land. It was regarded as a kind of”depraved cumbia” by the traditional musicians of the coast. All what we, nu-cumbia producers, do in the XXIth century, is actually a kind of depraved chucu chucu, ha ha!! You see my remix got that “tsss tsss tsss” but there’s no tambora, no llamador, no flauta de milo o gaita, etc. Chucu chucu. In fact it’s a chucu chuska:

Solo Moderna – The Scatterer (Canalh Remix) by Canalh

Let’s put this one too, never featured on GB !!

Ciclon del Caribe – Afrodita Vs G Flux (Canalh RMX) by Canalh

Frikstailers ! This one is more for the bass downloaders junkie out there: FREE :

Dj Rafa Caivano – Adonis Cumbia feat. Dj Sandro de America (exclusivo by FRIKSTAILERS

Altoperu are from… Argentina ! They mix reggae con cumbia villera. I like the singing of this song…

Alonso El Pintor (feat.VAGO MUSIC) by AltoPeru

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