Really loving what both of these fellah’s do and this, their second volume of the OG Series is heavvy man.

Guapo goes for dark gothic, baroque moombahcore-ish vybz on this one together with a remix/edit of that goldust track, not sure what the actual title is.

Orion goes for a wicked remix of 12th Planet & Skrillex with total BoombahBrohaton vybz and also a dark gothic, baroque Boombahchero numba too!

All 4 killers, no fillers and right up my street!

Here’s what they say:

Orion & Guapo Feo return with volume 2 of our continuing series of Moombahcore and Boombahchero; the OG Series. This time around they delve a little deeper and darker into the underground, charging ahead with the undeniable appeal of the moombah revolution.

Track listing
1. Sinfonia del Diablo – Guapo Feo
2. Needed – Orion
3. Oro En Polvo – Guapo Feo
4. Seductive Eggman – Orion



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