So I’ve been talking to Dev79 for years. He his label, Seclusiasis, has been around for quite some time. As of late the quality of the releases there have been insane.  I saw that the new Kastle was scheduled to come out, and offered to do a review,  just to get my hands on the audio before anyone else, really. But I like these guys, and don’t want to disappoint. And I’ve never done a review. Let’s consult the worldwide web for some instructions!

1. Listen to the album multiple times, giving yourself a chance to really understand what is going on in the music

Alright. After dropping this into my audio player and placing it on repeat, I think I get it. These songs are beautifully produced, and soothing. The vocals lay on top of each of these tracks perfectly. None of these songs is a traditional floor banger, but each one has the potential to be a charting single.

2. Think about what points you want to make in your review

I’m basically saying whether or not it’s good, right? This release is smooth and refreshing. I’ve been pulling myself away from the glitchy and aggressive tunes, and ‘Time Traveler’, without being pushy, remains a truly massive album.

3. Give basic information about the band, such as where they are from, the members’ names

Kastle is from Pittsburgh. His music is quite delectable.

4. Discuss what possible influences they might have.

This honestly sounds like nothing I have ever heard. Each track has character, and is unique, but it’s also of the quality that charts on UK radio. It’s pop music that I can vibe to.

5. Review particular tracks that stand out, either because they are great or not so great.

My least favorite track on the release is ‘Sea Legs ft. Powell’, and if the vocals were removed, I would love it. It’s solid as is though.

And ‘Bring Me Back’ is my favorite track by far…

On a side note, this Kastle fellow really dresses for the occasion, doesn’t he?

Artist: Kastle
Title: Time Traveler
Format: Digital Distrobution
Catalog: Seclus026
Release Date: May 30th (Juno exclusive), June 6th everywhere else

Track listing:
1. Time Traveler
2. Better Off Alone
3. Walking Away ft Armanni Reign & Domonique
4. Bring Me Back
5. I Know
6. Sea Legs ft. Powell!/kastledub

Generation Bass and Seclusiasis are kindly giving one person FREE vinyl copy of this release.  One person that ‘Likes’ the Seclusiasis Facebook page IN THE NEXT 24 HOURS  will be shipped this 12″ release. Here is Dev79 holding your future:

The facebook fan page can be found here:

Good Luck !!

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