One of the Ep’s of the year, this is Transnational Future Bass that is presently unrivalled and totally unique!

With Indian, Persian and Turkish inflected bass constructed in the most intelligent and sophisticated manner, this EP is a dream come true for me!

dÉbruit – ‘Şiş Sürpriz’ EP Preview [Civil Music] by

You need to catch this band LIVE too, just watch this:

Here’s the Press Release:

When French producer dÉbruit relocated to London, it was just the start of a journey that would take him much further east than Hackney. dEbruit explains; “I lived in a Turkish neighbourhood in London and my productions are always a result of curiosity over the sounds and people around me. I wanted to learn more and try something with Turkish music and instruments so I travelled to Turkey in October, and I’m so glad I did.”

The end results of dÉbruit’s travels are the four painstakingly crafted tracks of Şiş Sürpriz (which translates as Skewer Surprise). Traditional Turkish folk instruments are coupled with modern, synthetic sounds on an EP that’s full of eastern promise. Opener Accordé Don combines accordion and darbuka drums (a kind of goblet drum) with “bump-hop” beats, whilst Turkish Ish features zurna flutes, talkbox effects and scything synths. Mezdé’s bass heavy,low-slung bounce deploys the string sounds of the kabak kemane – a violin-like instrument originating from Southeastern Turkey – with darbuka and davul drums. Zurna flutes and synths return on the slo-mo, chopped and screwed digi-funk of Lil Zurna.

Born Xavier Thomas and raised in Brittany, France, dÉbruit’s name is an amalgamation of the French words debris (broken glass) and bruit (noise). His boundary-smashing, genreswerving style deliberately veers towards the chaotic – “I like when electronic music and instruments lose control of what they’re meant to do”, he adds.

Şiş Sürpriz is the third in dÉbruit’s trilogy of EPs which began with futuristic electro hip-hop workout Let’s Post Funk featuring Jamie Woon and Om’Mas Keith, and was followed by 2010’s African highlife inspired Spatio Temporel. The trio of releases all feature 3-D artwork by German designer Rainbowmonkey, and 3-D glasses are also included for your viewing pleasure.

dÉbruit is currently crafting a debut album based around trips to West Africa and recordings with the region’s indigenous musicians and traditional instruments. dÉbruit has also been honing his live show which now incorporates a three-piece band, thumb pianos, African drums, highlife guitar, talk box and more, all accompanied by live visuals from Rainbowmonkey. The new and improved live experience will be unveiled at the dates below and dÉbruit’s album is due out later this year.



Download  a wicked mixx that he did for the URB HERE:

Maitre Gazonga – Les Jaloux Saboteurs
The Sweet Talks – Akumpaye
Jacqueline Taieb –  Le coeur au bout des doigt
Rob – Make It Fast, Make It Slow
Ogyatanaa Show Band – Disco Africa
Serge Gainsbourg – Marabout
ESG – You Make No Sense
Outkast- Mighty O
Sa-Ra- Hey Love
Chocolate Milk – Action Speak Louder Than Words
Oxmo Puccino – Paralleles
Gang Starr – Ex Girl To Next Girl
Pete Rock and CL smooth – I Get Physical
Alèmayèhu Eshèté – Tchero Adari Nègn
Detroit Sex Machines – Rap It Together
Eerkin Koray- aka Inanmyorum
Arthur Verocai – Na Boca Do Sol
Ebo Taylor – Atwer Abroba
Mike Ladd – How Does Electricity Really Work
Serge Gainsbourg- A Bit Of An Interview


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