The Lazer Bass God is back and back on top form with a free track from his forthcoming and long awaited next album, “Divergent Spectrum”, which is due out on August 2nd.

The free track “Upside Down” is “a massive banger mutant of dubstep, drum & bass, and hip hop”. It’s like airhorn bass heaven that comes with instructions to the audiences at his many arena slaying assault shows on how to get upside down & backwards & forwards and totally lost in his music!

Upside Down (Radio Edit) [Free Download] by Bassnectar

Here’s what the Bass God  himself says:

Greetings from the land of Bassnectar & Amorphous Music!

Here is a taste of Bassnectar’s new ‘Divergent Spectrum’ album, out August 2nd. The first single is “Upside Down– a massive banger mutant of dubstep, drum & bass, and hip hop – available for free right now. Every song on the new release is different and represents a diverse shade on the sonic spectrum. We will have previews of several other songs in the days to come, as well as forthcoming vinyl and video, leading up to the full release.


Also if you go to his website you can preview some more tunes from his forthcoming album including one featuring Gogol Bordello!


Grab the brilliant free track here:


This week: Religious roots n bass from DJ Dubble8, chunky house from Mikkaël and grimey garage from Royal-T

DJ Dubble8

Interesting and fun little mix here from Dubble8 via Mobtown, exploring religious influences on reggae, afrobeat, electro & more…

In this mix I have brought together Islamic, Christian, and Jewish musical traditions, as well as modern musical forms which either sample the sounds of these traditions or carry on their spiritual legacy. Taking a cue from Osvaldo Golijov’s song cycle Ayre, my aim was to explore the common connections between some of the music of these great religions, rooted in a shared heritage in the Middle East. While Golijov’s work focuses on the diaspora of these traditions in the direction of Europe, this mix also explores the transmission of these Middle Eastern religious traditions through Africa.




Here at GB we’re obsessed with new genres, new combinations of sounds and styles from all over the globe, and something as pedestrian as just plain house barely gets a look in. But for me house is a genre that, despite barely having changed for years, just keeps on giving. Especially in these summer months, it’s perfect outdoor sunshine morning free party music. Chunky, spacious and generous, it embodies that freedom (free as in speech, not as in beer) in the phrase ‘free party’.

Mikkael Summer 2011 – BBQ Ribs Mix by Mikkaël

Hot Shit Jorge Watts & The House Inspectors [Drop Music]
String Bean Hustle Little Man Big [Flapjack]
Can You Feel Me ATFC [Defected]
Point Nice7 [Gruuv]
On a Cloud (Original_Mix) Tom Special Interest [Phobic]
Sittin’ On Top Jorge Watts & The House Inspectors [Drop]
Get Back (Rafael Cury Remix) Victor Ruiz [Lo kik Records]
Break into the Record Store Negru [Soweso]
Everyday Of My Life (Manjane) Samma Lone [Skeet Traxx]
Squaredancing In A Roundhouse (BHQ Revisits The Classics) Derrick Carter [Classic Music Company]
Ramjock Camouflage [Deepfunk]
Thats Jazz Wattie Green [Flapjack]
Anthem (original mix) ANTHEM Black Rose [Made To Play Germany]
Let me Play Negru [Soweso]


Garagey/Grimey mix from Royal-T opening with his own ‘Sax on the Beach’ which – let’s not mince words – is HELLA CHEESY, but also brilliant. I could do without the Katy B remix, that vocal is terrible (am I going out on a limb here? Katy on a Mission was amazing but people seem to be lapping up everything she’s done since then without noticing that it’s almost uniformly terrible), and in my opinion he crunches one or two of these mixes with some completely clashing basslines – with such grimey music you could argue it kinda works, just ups the tension even more, but if you ask me dude needs to get on those eq panels… anyway overall this is full of UK fyah, check it…

Head over to Factmag to stream this badboy or DOWNLOAD: FACT mix 259: Royal-T (available for 2 more weeks!)

1. Royal-T – Sax on the Beach (Rinse)
2. Swindle – Bebop (Butterz)
3. SX – Woooo Riddim (Royal-T Remix)
4. DOK & Trim – Dead in this Ting
5. Terror Danjah – East Village (Hardrive)
6. Katy B – Easy Please Me (Royal-T Remix) (Rinse)
7. Royal-T – Orangeade (Mister Maff Remix) (Butterz)
8. Royal-T – Orangeade VIP / Durrty Goodz – Red Alert (Butterz)
9. Royal-T & P Money – Bump Into Me
10. Swindle – Spend Is Dough (Royal-T Remix) (Swindle Productions)
11. Royal-T – Don’t Call Me Baby (Rinse)
12. DOK – Sidedok VS Dizzee Rascal – Ice Rink
13. Spooky – Spartan (Royal-T Remix)
14. DJ Q – Hype Machine VIP
15. Royal-T, P Money, Blacks & Slickman – Boo You (Butterz)
16. Faze Miyake – Take Off VIP (Royal-T Special)
17. Royal-T, P Money & Blacks – You Are Washed
18. Royal-T – Music Please (Butterz)
19. Terror Danjah – Full Attention (Feat. Ruby Lee Ryder) (Hardrive)
20. Wiley – It’s Wiley (Royal-T Remix) (Prodigal Ent)
21. Royal-T & P Money – 1UP
22. Swindle – Mood Swings VIP (Butterz)
23. TRC – Sex (Royal-T Remix)

Javier Estrada – Ritmos del Mundo 4


Javier Estrada comes at you once again with a huge selection of raw and infectious beats written, produced and remixed by the man himself.  Expect nothing but aggressive, heart-stopping beats with this being on of Estrada’s heaviest releases dominating such styles as Moombahcore, nu-Cumbia, 3ball and pre-Hispanic sounds.   With a jaw-dropping 19 tracks all available for FREE, you’ll have an earful to deal with just as the summer gets  under way.   Tracks like “Ta violento” (feat. Boogat), and “Fuck you” really kick you in the chest right from the start but you’ll get crazy re-works of Gloria Estefan and even ATB’s “‘Till I Come” that are straight up party tunes that should get just about anybody on their feet.   There’s really too many tracks to mention here, so download this and rinse this into the ground.  Until next time.

UPDATED: Also here’s an XCLUSIVE download of:

Javier Estrada Feat Luperta Mcfly Espacio Despacio

Javier Estrada Feat Luperta Mcfly – Espacio Despacio by djjavierestrada

Plus grab a whole free album:

DOWNLOAD:  Javier Estrada – Rimos Del Mundo 4

1- Javier Estrada & Boogat – Ta violento
2- Javier Estrada – Fuck you
3- Heartbreak – King Kong Javier Estrada Remix
4- Gloria Stefan – Conga (Dj Javier Estrada Moombahton Remix )
5- Dj Javier Estrada – Rave 5 Remix
5- Dj Javier Estrada – Suave Sexo
6- Dj Javier Estrada – Miami Beach (Remix Moombahton) (V-M)
7- Heartbreak – King Kong (Dj Javier Estrada 3ball Remix)
8- Dj Javier Estrada – Tonatiu Ikualokatl (coming soon in Prehispanico EP)
9- Dj Javier Estrada – Huitzilopochtli
10- Dj Javier Estrada – Huaracha Mundial
11- The tribe called Red Feat Javier Estrada – Indiginous Power
12- Dj Javier Estrada – My Fucking Hen
13- Dj Javier Estrada – Psychothic, Indian
14- Dj Javier Estrada – Madness
15- Dj Javier Estrada – Baile Swag
16- Dj Javier Estrada – Vehicle (Moombahton Remix)
17- Fito Olivares – El Colesterol (Dj Javier Estrada MshUp)
18- Bubblegum – Dj Javier estrada

RAISE – HYPERDUB SPECIAL Friday 1st July 2011

We don’t usually flya events we’re not involved in but as this was for such a good cause and we like the ethos behind this organization, we agreed to help out on this ocassion. Great line-up btw!

Here’s what they say:

Raise – the only regular bass-driven charity club night in London at Corsica Studios in London. Raise started in 2010 after the success of our last project – Eve in Leamington Spa – where through only six events we raised over £10’000 for Save the Children. Raise is very simple – the best acts in bass-heavy music over two rooms, all profits to charity. We don’t take a penny.

Our next event is happening this Friday and with summer-time approaching we’re cracking up the warm vibes with a very Hyperdub special. Same rules as always of course: we party all night long and every penny we put into Raise goes straight into Save The Children’s Western Africa program in the morning. Misbehaving’s never done so much good.

Line-up for this Friday is set to be a blinder:

Silkie b2b Swindle

Terror Danjah

Dream Mclean

Scratcha DVA

Cooly G

Ill Blu

Raise Residents


Yep another dude we broke all over blogosphere only a few months back is now supporting one of the biggest (and my personal favourite) Global acts around, Buraka Som Sistema.

It’s not the first time that Buraka or Mad Decent have embraced one of our boys though, it seems to becoming a frequent occurrence now and I take that as a high compliment cause it shows we’re doing something right.

Javier is my Pre-Hispanico king, his ep is going to be released soon on our label, I promise, I know it’s been delayed but we’ve had a lot on, and plus for me, his pre-hispanico tunage is timeless in any event.

I’m so happy that he’s getting these breaks cause they’re fully deserved and so if you’re around those parts at the time of the show, please go and show him your full suport & <3.

Here’s an XCLUSIVE he’s done for us:

Javier Estrada Feat Luperta Mcfly – Espacio Despacio by djjavierestrada

The tribe called Red and Javier Estrada – Indiginous Power by djjavierestrada

Heartbreak – King Kong Javier Estrada Remix by djjavierestrada

Olvidala – binomio de oro(remix Dj Javier Estrada F.Back produccion 2008) by djjavierestrada

Tonatiuh ikualokatl – Demo by djjavierestrada
Here’s some more events that he’ll be playing at:



DJ Nappy Interviews Rude Kid

Rude Kid is a phenom. There’s an incredibly small handful of producers in the UK that have the skill and desire to make it to the top, and an even smaller percentage that are able to continue to climb upwards  while making beats that don’t sound like anyone else’s. Rude Kid is one of these rarities. His ‘Always Ready EP dropped this morning, and he was gracious enough to take a moment out of his hectic day to speak to us…

Nappy: It seems like you’ve accomplished so much in a short span of time, yet you remain humble. How do you keep a level head ?
RK: I just be myself all the time.  I think its very important to stay level headed at all times.  For me, that makes you work harder. Another reason why I would feel like I’m staying humble is because I still have so much more to achieve, yet I wanna do a lot this year and for many more years to come, hopefully.

Nappy: I like asking producers if they fear people only knowing them for their most popular track. If ‘Electric’ was your most popular tune 10 years from now, how would that make you feel?
[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”” url=”″]
RK: I would feel like I’m not relevant to the music scene anymore (laughs).  I always wanna make beats better than the one everyone likes, but if ‘Electric’ was known as a big classic grime tune in 10 years, I wouldn’t mind that at all.

Nappy: Always Ready is an instrumental EP. You have the reach at this point to put almost any vocalist you wish on your tracks. Why would you go for bare production right now ?
RK: To be honest with you, when I put out my own tunes with no one on there, now one can really tell me what to do, and I know people are always after instrumentals. DJs and MC’s are always asking me for instrumentals.. that’s why I release so many.. But you will hear a lot of vocals on my music now as well.

Nappy: Your beats are nothing like the average commercially successful track. Why do you think people gravitate towards your sound?
RK: I really don’t know, but it means a lot to me. I’m just making what I love and enjoy making, so for people to gravitate towards my sound makes me wanna continue making beats. I think in some of my beats have a lot of energy which can get you hyped and some of them are just hypnotizing which you can listen to on repeat all day.

Nappy: I have seen you thank fans that illegally download your album. Is there a hint of sarcasm when you say something like that?
RK: Do you know what? Some people tell me the downloaded it illegally to try make me angry or react but as long as there listening to my music I’m happy. Of course there is a slight hint of scarasm, but I always tell them as long as your listening to my music I’m happy. i have a lot of respect for the people who actually support and buy the music though.

Nappy: Even when you dive into other genres, we know it’s your beat. Even beyond the ‘Are You Ready’ and ‘Always Ready’ samples, your vibe is recognizable. Do you start a track with the thought in mind to keep a signature sound?
RK: Nah, never. I just use my own style in every single beat I make. I think its very important for a producer to master their own style in making music.. it’s like your identity. Nearly all my beats have “ARE YOU READY” in the tune though so people can tell its me without being double minded.

Nappy: You’ve been playing out more than producing these days. How is it different, and which would you rather do ?
RK: Yeah.. I love DJing and going to raves and testing out my new beats and seeing the crowd reaction. Every time I play out it inspires me to make new music. The love people show me in raves and to my music is mad. Even though I love DJing, I would rather make beats all day then DJ. Producing is like my wife I go home to every night and DJing is like my mistress (laughs)

Nappy: Any parting words?
RK: Thank you everyone for the support, big up DJ Nappy, don’t forget you can buy ‘Always Ready’ EP from itunes and all my other releases if you haven’t got them already.

follow Rude Kid on twitter @rudekidmusic

cop the ‘Always Ready EP’ – out now on iTunes


Just saw this on Soundcloud by one of the best dance acts in the world. A bunch of free & essential edits that will cause dancefloor mayhem! You’d be a FooooL not to grab these pronto!

I might just add these have been let loose as they have reached 10,000 likes on their facebook page!!!!

Thank u boyz!

a lil present by schlachthofbronx

Assorted Bass Transmissions

Okulus Anomali - Assorted Bass Transmissions

Assorted Bass Transmissions
(Dubstep/Post-Dubstep/Transnational Dubstep/Glitch Hop/Downtempo/Drumstep…)

Below are 2 more excellent tracks featured on my latest mix: Natural Selection Vol II

DJHorseyHorse Ft. Valerie Morris – Aria En SI (Opera Step)
DJHorseyHorse Ft. Valerie Morris – Aria En SI by djhorseyhorse


Culprate – Trench Foot (unrelentingly sick!)




(loving a couple of tracks from his latest album…2562 is his own genre as far as I’m concerned):

2562 – Fever (doubt001cd/lp) [April 2011] by 2562 / A Made Up Sound


Jef Stott – The Promise (awesome new Transnational Dubstep track)
The Promise_Jef Stott_Demo version by Jef Stott/Embarka Records



Touch Me – Inanna : Dubporn Records (Really groovy track here…WARM Vibes)


George Young the Infinite (Multi-Talented producer/MC/DJ/Musician)

Second-International Peoples Gang-theINFINITE rmx( 4th runner up winning remix!) by georgeyoungtheinfinite


Excellent Drumstep track featuring Aphex Twin melodies by George Young


Gray Ghost – Beware : Dubporn Records (Free Download…DiscoStep?)

Gray Ghost – Beware by Low Life Inc


Proper Dosage – Fiyah Bun
(diggin’ this melody)

Fiyah Bun – Roots Riddim ( clip ) by Proper Dosage



Sleepover – The Sun Remixes


Kimbra – Settle Down (Blunt Instrument bootleg) FREE Download

Kimbra – Settle Down (Blunt Instrument bootleg) (Buy link for FREE D/L) by bluntinstrument


Where Are You From – Balkansky (Absolutely Gorgeous!)