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Here is a lil present for you guys!! Rotterdam Juke EP!!

I’ve been waiting for this date 1 june tbh lol. Finally I can say that its all good again after the Hawaii madness, back on track, no more problems with it and feeling gooddddd!! It took me some time to get everything together tho haha, but now that its 1 june no moreeee!!

Ok so what is this ‘Rotterdam Juke EP’ then? Well after being in Chicago with the fam over there, I felt inspired. Seeing the movement over there was mindblowing. And i knew that i had to make an EP out of it. My first try was the Nguzunguzu Mambo Juke Rmx. That was the first and only that worked out tho lol, because I didnt learn enough about the genre yet. So after listening to a lot of juke in the likes of Rashad, Spinn and more, I felt good about it after a month or so. I still couldnt make music at the time so it was right in time if you think about it haha.

So I started to experiment and combined juke with dubstep, salsa, bachata, mambo, baile funk, papiamento rap, dutch rap, etc.

Whatever felt good tbh. I’m really glad to finally have an promo EP out again, because I skipped some months ehh. Well lets say
ill recuperate that haha.

BOW! Now for some oldskool talking about the tracks:

(I wonder eh, do you guys actually read it? haha I kinda like typing that shit up lol) ((oh and u already saw the BOW 2 times eh? well blame lex lugers beats, because ive been listening to them and waka flocka apparently was rappin in over a few of them. I even had the urge to make trap shit, and let me tell you my friends, i enjoyed it thoroughly, breaking shit in the process.. fuck yea..))

Munchi – Paperchase by Munchi

When you hear the start of this track you might think huh? Rage Against The Machine?? Yeah its them indeed, but I used it for another reason. Because a Dutch rapper named Hef used it by sampling it.

I always wanted to do something with this track and now I finally could haha! Because of the paperchase line in the track, I sampled Lil Scrappys ‘Money In The Bank’ aswell. That was also one of my favorites and a must to sample, so why not combine the 2 ehhh!?

The combination Juke & Bubbling always sounded good to me, and that clashing with the RATM/Lil Scrappy sample makes it even more crazy! I fucking love blending shit together haha.

Munchi – Yazzer G Tin Air Max by Munchi

Immorales is a Dutch Antillean group who make Reggeton, Rap and Bubbling over here in Holland. Most of the tracks are in Papiamento, but they have shit in Dutch aswell. One of the people in that group is called Yazzer G. I especially like the combination when Iski and Yazzer work togheter. It’s really underrated in my eyes, because they clearly have this own vibe going on. Anyway, this is kind of a mashup of my favorite songs by this dude and I made it in my version of Juke. It has a bit of Bubbling in it, House progress and a shitload of choppin. Why I did this? When I was in Chicago with the fam over there, checking out the Battlegroundz was incredible, but one thing stuck in my mind. It had some similarities with the shit in Papiamento. Different music and all but the same kind of vibe. It made me feel home for some reason.

Munchi – Mi Ta Bek by Munchi

Mi ta bek is im back in papiamento. This is a juke track with an old vocal of one of my good friends MP. He’s saying bitches shake their ass and niggaz bounce, something like that. Shout out to Immorales in the form of the ‘Riba Puta’ vocal snippet. Basically this track is in majority a juke/dubstep type of thing, but you hear back bubbling, trap, mambo, baile funk, bmore skullstep (intro) and reggeton.

Of course the obvious vocal break ‘guess i got my swagga back’ is from Excision and Datsik. at first I was making another track that was like a tribute to them and that was a vocal break of it, but I found it more fitting here, because I finally feel that I’m back haha. Also, as I told in previous descriptions, i was in Chicago a while ago and was mindblown with the whole footwork thing. I really wanted to make shit, but I didnt learn enough about the genre yet. so after listening a month or so to rashad spinn etc, i felt good enough to blend my own shit in it. BOW!! IM BACK IM BACK IM BACK!!!

Munchi – Mamajuana by Munchi

Mamajuana what is that? I would say, look it up on Google friend haha.
I thought it would be a good name for it, because once again I was drunk while makin this concept. The whole track feels drunk to be honest haha, not in a bad way tho, but its kinda cool that it feels like that. This track has a heavy Bachata influence, but compared to the other tracks this is most true to the real Juke. Like I probably told u before, I use Bachata for everything haha!! How would a footwork/bachata dance look like? Probably fucking awesome dont you think?!

Munchi – Andando by Munchi

The dude that you hear in the start is one of the greats in bachata: Eladio Romero Santos. Thats my dude right there man for real, RIP you are a great inspiration to me. The original track I made was this G-Funk track and it was one of my favorite beats. The thing is, personally I make tracks outta emotion and that specific track couldnt work out. So I flipped it again in Juke. With the basics now being Juke and Salsa, added more percussion, Cumbia and Mambo elements, lil bit of a Reggeton touch and a tad bit of Ambient influence in the buildups.
For me this track is the travelling around places as a DJ. Its pretty fucking awesome man and i just feel blessed and thankful for it. Thats why I put the intro in it aswell of course.

Sonido Martinez knows which song I mean if I say that his favorite song inspired me to make this track, kind of the same vibe. I tried to just keep it minimal and just vibing, just in time for the summer! So when u on the road or just chillin on the beach this summer, just be like: fuck, im feeling fuckin good today!!

Positive vibrations, yeaaaahhh! BOW!

Munchi – Straat Takki by Munchi

What is ‘straat takki’? Street talk. This track wasnt going to be on the promo tbh, but I just had to. I know its not really Juke, the most Juke part of the track is the buildup and ending, I dont even know what the main beat is haha. Fuck it, i kept the beat raw and unpolished, just the way it should be. So who better to spit on it than one of my favorite Dutch rappers Heinek’n. + The fact that he is from Rotterdam, so he couldn’t be left out on this shit. The whole beat is basicly a fuck up of my favorite tracks of him.

Made this concept when in LA @ Dillons Francis’ place. Had my laptop connected to his ridiculous bass speakers and well, let me tell you: this track is pure that. And not forgetting the excelent siren that we got from Dave lol. I overused that shit on this track mannn haha, but fuck it, THERE IS NEVER TOO MUCH SIRENS OR AIRHORNS!!! Learn from my dudes Schlachthofbronx, they know how to make justice to the airhorn haha!!!

Ok so now that you know everything u need to know, there is only one thing left to do…

Download Hereeee!!!


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