Greetings from the southwestern portion of the United States! My name is John Newell aka El Guero Unico. As a long time follower of this blog it’s both an honor and a pleasure to be given the opportunity to post for it. A little about me but not too much for fear of boring anyone, I am a producer of Nu Cumbia and creator of the Facebook group Nu Cumbia Experience. In short I’m a huge fan and good friend of cumbia producers around the world with my strongest ties to the beautiful country of Mexico.

Enough about me I really want to jump into this with a strong start! And that strong start I feel is definitely going to come from a good friend of mine in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The name of where he resides may look intimidating for an Americano like me to say and it was until I decided to use my brain, “come on John two words ‘aguas’ and ‘calientes’, ah got it! His name is Oscilador Bass and he is not the least bit intimidating except when he whips out his iPad to dj. A great track from him first and a video will follow to give you an idea of what I mean

Now the video as promised

ipad + selector + ableton live by oscilador

Hit Oscilador Latin Bass up he’s good to talk with and soon going on his North American tour.


Now onto another great talent, Al Pacheco. I’ve been impressed with his work for some time. He experiments with mixing different styles from dub to Bollywood but comes back time and again to cumbia. Here is his latest track and a good one at that. Using and manipulating chant samples, backed by dope beats. I was highly impressed.

Next I’ve got this talented fellow down in Argentina. We just met a few weeks ago and he’s always busy at work. Consistently sharing his newest stuff with me and it’s always a pleasure to hear from him. DJ Pika Mza is his moniker, Antonio Jaoquin is his name. Hailing from Mendoza, Argentina (a spot a lot of great bands and producers seem to reside), here we go

I gotta say this, there’s some cats out there producing tracks that put even the most elitist music bloggers in check. Who says originality is dead? Sure we’ve always been taking from the past to produce the present. And here is a great example of something hot from the present. The bass line pulses through it like an electronic back bone making everything else layered on top fit ever so nicely. This is gold so now check it out. The latest by Stereo Revuelta from Puebla, Mexico

After that gem I knew it was inevitable that I would post one of my favorite cumbia tracks to come out this year. I’ve listened to this many times at the latest hours angering my neighbors and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. Check it out it’s three months old and still very fresh. From Panteon De Belen Soundsystem down south in Guadalajara, Mexico

Last but not least I’m posting a track from a dj and creator of Tropical Bass Storm which is a Ustream production. His producer/dj name is 805. He’s spinning out in Washington D.C. weekly when he’s not playing poker. I owe him a big thank you for a favor he did for me last weekend. I was dj at a Zumba charity event I threw with a friend. When I say dj I mean I pre-mixed tracks and organized the music for each Zumba instructor. I was running out of time so 805 produced a couple mixes for me at the last minute. And boy did it help. I received mad respect for my work but obviously I didn’t do it alone. One woman approached me asking if I’d dj her pary. She said it’s an Indian crowd. To which I asked her, “So like tejano and country music?” After a blank look she replied, “No it’s more of a Bollywood scene.” Now appearing as a ‘foot in mouth’ ignorant racist (which I swear is far from the truth, I’m really just an idiot I promise), here’s a couple  from my intelligent colleague 805!

I hope you enjoy these tracks and mix them live wherever you go. Special thanks to DJ Umb for the opportunity to post this blog, I really do appreciate it. Another thanks is due to Canalh for all his support in the past. Keep it going Canalh I look forward to your next endeavours.



  1. que onda guero? very nice post you got here and the selection is tight! I really like the mashups your friend 805 does, as a lot of the new cumbia I hear is far less instrumental than original cumbia grooves so I like how keeps it authentic and groovy in his mixes. Also that track you like by Panteon De Belen Soundsystem is bien chingon!!!  keep up bro, real nice stuff, and post us one of your mixes next time!

    1. Word! I’m sure 805 will really appreciate your comment. I’ll forward it to him. I have lots more to come and many ideas. Next Saturday I’ll include one of my new tracks. I appreciate your words. Keep in touch!


  2. he he cool john tank you for your support man i like the form you make the description
    about me so cool tank you and see you in usa coming soon 

    gracias hermanito recuerda CUMBIA + DUB = OSCILADOR 🙂

  3. dale hermano !! I think a relatively high turnover on sexxy saturday cumbia can be really good for the sake of the cumbia ! 🙂 Anda’

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