The Global bass world just keeps getting smaller and smaller.  Just a few of days ago Javier Estrada sent out an email looking to work with aspiring vocalists and within a blink of an eye (it seems) he drops this heavy hitting Moombah jam with none other than Montreal’s Boogat.  The tune starts of with a nice Cumbia shake and carries the track making it sizzle while Boogat’s Spanish raps flow tightly around Estrada’s sinister, growling bass and gut stomping percussion.  All brought together with Estrada’s clever use of the air-horm which is simple yet super affective, and honestly I’m all for air-horns. Chambacu, anyone??  From MTL to MTY this shows how the Global bass network can drop serious heat from two very distant parts of the planet and spread like wild fire.  Make sure to grab the download!


Javier Estrada & Boogat – Ta violento


DOWNLOAD: Ta violento

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