Yes the tropical has successfully invaded the Russian horizons. Forget about the cold war, the hot one has been won with Baile Funk! I like the extra glitchiness and trigger-happiness of this release, and I think  they kept to the sound of the style pretty well! Brazil, Russia, WorldWIDE!

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Chuck Upbeat – Baile Folk by Chuck Upbeat

Chuck Upbeat and Banton Obama – 5 bucks by Chuck Upbeat

Leonid Utesov – Utomlennoe Solnce (Groove Daddy and Chuck Upbeat Remix) by Chuck Upbeat

Press Release:

Zdravstvuite Tovarishi!!!

Big Hello from Russia! We are Midget Ninjas Soundsystem, those rude boys making craziest parties in Russia, mixing baile funk, Baltimore club, moombahton, ragga hip-hop, dubstep, uk funky, technocumbia, ragga jungle and other ingredients for the coolest tropical mix including live midgets, Brazilian Indians, African bands to make the hottest parties in our cold country!

Today we are extremely pleased to present you our badass FREE release called “Russian Empire Strikes Back”.

What comes up when you hear the word “Russia”? Probably nuke bombs, bears, vodka, zombie-Lenin. But basically nobody has any idea about what is going on the Russian club scene except the world famous DJs playing in posh clubs for the richest and they never heard the true voice of Russian underground.

So we finally decided to “strike back” and show some hot baile funk stuff produced here in Moscow!    = )


  1. Leonid Utesov – Utomlennoe Solnce (Chuck Upbeat and Groove Daddy Remix). It’s an old tango song by a famous USSR singer Leonid Utesov. The sound much resembles the sh*t they make in Brazil.
  2. Chuck Upbeat – Baile Folk. We used samples made of Russian folk songs. We don’t even know the actual title of the song and who sings it. But who cares, it sounds cool!
  3. Chuck Upbeat and Banton Obama – 5 bucks. It’s a very dope song. We mixed original baile funk style beat and samples with Russian Jamaican style flow. This stuff is about dance, 5 bucks and 5 types of drugs, Brad Pitt, Angeline Jolie, Mickey Mouse and all the things Banton Obama knows about

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Find out more about Midget Ninjas Soundsytem:

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Groove Daddy (dj, producer) –

Chuck Upbeat (dj, sound producer) – –  album is coming out this Autumn, promo album is coming out this summer

Banton Obama (MC, ragga singer) – single is coming out this summer

Don Anton (MC, ragga singer, sound producer) –

Luna (MC, dancer, teacher) – single is coming out this June

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