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My mate Tom Cosm is bout to release a remix album and he has one slot open which he intends to fill with a remix from you! Tom is an Ableton wizard so it might be worthwhile to grab his Ableton project file just to see how he works. This is your chance to get a tune released among some top-notch producers.

Here’s the tracklist for the upcoming album:

  • Up At The Downs (Grouch Remix)
  • The Opaque (Pitch Black Remix)
  • Batman Smells (Antix/Fiord Remix)
  • Swagger (Mr. Bill Remix)
  • Elmo’s Reality (Circuit Bent Remix)
  • The Sluzziest of Fuzz (Kiwa Remix)
  • Heaps Good Strong Board (Loopus in Fabula Remix)
  • All The Way (Isaac Chambers Remix)
  • Catchya (Mr Squatch Remix)

the scoop:

There is one slot left on the Remix CD of my first album (due 15th July) so I am going to treat it as a wild card and hold a remix competition. Anyone is welcome to enter, and the winner will get their tune featured on the album along side myself, Grouch, Antix/Fiord, Pitch Black, Mr. Bill, Circuit Bent, Kiwa, Loopus in Fabula, Isaac Chambers and Mr. Squatch!

The tune to remix is called Cheers Bro and is an older tune I created a while a go to say thankyou to those who contributed money towards my new laptop. Here it is.

Tom Cosm – Cheers Bro by TomCosm


Click here to download the Ableton Project File.

Click here to download the WAV stems

Just a few points/rules

  • Any genre is welcome!
  • The absolute deadline for submissions is 16th June 1200 GMT
  • Winner will also receive a lifetime pro membership and 5 physical copies of the album
  • The tune has to be under 7 minutes total
  • Please don’t use any samples that you don’t own the rights to use (I don’t wanna get sued!)
  • Please submit a 320kbps MP3 to [email protected] via a file sharing website (I suggest www.mediafire.com)
  • Please name your track Tom Cosm – Cheers Bro (Yourname Remix).mp3
  • All entries will be featured on the main page of www.cosm.co.nz
  • The winning entry will be decided by myself and the team at Delicious Music
  • Personal feedback will be given to all entries!

If you have any questions – please head over to the forums and I’ll do my best to answer.

Happy remixing!




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