Anybody who knows me, knows how much of a Prince freakoid I am.  Not just Prince though, the whole package, Vanity 6, Apollonia 6, The Time, Wendy & Lisa etc etc etc

A few weeks back in the Moombah Group I requested some Prince-aton and I didn’t really think anybody would come up with anything but how wrong can you be.

Our dude, Oxygentester, came up with this today and posted it in the Moombah group saying it’s one for me and dude the ideas in this edit are GREAT.  Just a shame he doesn’t have the stems to work with to make it sound SUPA-BRILLIANT.  It sounds good as it is though, loving it.

I’m gonna call the Royal Purple one to see if I can get the stems……….lol..oh & I just woke up 🙂

This is wikkid!

Nasty Girl – Vanity 6 (Oxygentester Remix) by oxygentester

Here’s some more Vanity and boy, Prince, was a very lucky fellah………..

Here’s a few more from this SAFE dude:

Only If You Mean It – Arkist (Oxygentester Remix) by oxygentester

I Feel Like Dreaming by oxygentester

Rock The Boat – Aaliyah (Oxygentester Remix) by oxygentester

Shake (feat. Mystikal, Pitbull, and Kia) by oxygentester

Let’s Go by oxygentester


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