So I attended Blip Festival in New York City and it was absolutely incredible I am going to attempt to recap some of the Chip Bass-centric highlights and a few extra bits too!


I don’t think I can begin to describe the all encompassing shared lucid dreaming that is Blip Festival. Massive visual walls blasting lo-fi destruction and the worlds best and most creative practitioners in the art of squeezing sounds out of archaic machines combine to provide an unforgettable 3 nights of shows. This year it was very clear that chipmusic is broad and diverse and shows no sign of slowing down, there was punk (10kfreemen), noisy amiga core (stagediver), alt-folk-electro-awesome (talk to animals), post-rock space anthems (starscream) and heaps more. All the acts were really amazing but for this post I will just be sticking to the Chip Bass focused acts.


This guy from Spain delivered a non-stop assault of heavy kick drums and rolling bass. While I may not be able to name a single Ralp song and his set (as well as his albums) seem to be a single epic progressive electro jam that is actually an incredibly refreshing thing in a live show and it kept the energy high through out the set. You can download a bunch of his music from here.



BBEEEAAASSSTTMMOOODDEEE! So incredibly heavy, this Canadian is all about heavy distorted bass, stripped back beats and horror visuals. This set went down as most likely to give you nightmares with glitched crazed clown visuals and the performer wearing a scarecrow Halloween mask. After this set I am even more eagerly anticipating a proper Beastmode release. You can check out some tracks on his soundcloud.



Australia! FUCK YEAH! Everyone in the chip scene knows cTrix is king of the dancefloor. His set at Blip further solidified this title and blew everyone’s high expectation out of the water. He swapped and changed between cheesy demoscene synthpop, the best produced amiga dance remixes ever (see above video) and also unleashed a new self made tool the gAtari (an Atari 2600 with original tunes through effects pedals). Your best bet to get a hold of cTrix’s music is to bug him to release more of his limited edition USB keys (I got one at blip).. You can get some music and contact details here.


Wet Mango

Harsh heavy hip-hop beats and an aggressive stage persona made this a really standout act. The tempo switched and changed throughout always keeping a kind of industrial edge with very heavy bass. Having not heard much of her music before this show I was very pleasantly suprised and will definitely be keeping an eye out for future releases. You can too here.


Knife City

The drummer from pop-punk chip super stars Anamanaguchi is a standout artist in his own right delivering one of the most hard hitting dancefloor shaking sets of the festival. He also dropped in two or three of the most brutal chipstep tracks I have ever heard (one in the example video above) the production and sound design in this music for just a gameboy is absolutely incredible. He apparently has a release upcoming on 8bitpeoples WATCH THIS SPACE….. space



Ok so surrounding blip there were a bunch of other events… B.Leo at the Hexawe Allstars show was a standout for me…this guy delivered some great skweee style bleeps and beats from his handheld tracker. Other than that the official after party with Sabrepulse, Glomag, Trash80 and JDDJ3J may as well have been Blip day 4 with some of the best well produced dance friendly music of the week.

Also worth noting the True Chip till Death Awards happened during Blip week and awarded my favourite Label Metrodub, “Label of the year”. Metrodub have also released a new Cheapshot EP this month so support a great label and grab some great free music here.

Finally I will leave you with a lovely little chipbass/dub mixtape from Battery Powered Music.. Download here


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