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Hellloo there boys and girls, welcome to this [deluxe] episode of….World Trips!!!

Here’s a selection of 18 massive global bass tunes from the last few weeks. What’s ubercool is that most of these are free downloads, so Hoooya (if they aren’t and you got some kind of a plan, send the artist a message and ask dem fi di chune)! For real things are getting hot in here with our producers constantly evolving and growing their sound, as we also grow with them. The stuff that has been coming in is…. lets just hear it [oh and if you want to hear what is cooking in my favorites for the next post click here, and if you want to get hold of me click here]



New monster remix from Blondtron that is due to blow you away. It has this sexy lady touch to it, oh and by the way, I first heard of Blondtron in the MadDecent blog post bout’ that phat dj mix she did together with the honoroable Prince Zimboo.

Monster (T.E.E.D Remix-Blondtron Moombahton edit) by blondtron

Diplo & Douster

it is ON!!!!! Most of ya probably heard this mega-tune by Diplo and Douster, so here it is again. Two top-notch producers making big sound! What more can ya ask for really? Ok well if you ask ill tell ya, i wouldn’t mind a nasty dubstep break in there, but that’s just my hunger for barefootness (versatility) in all my music.

Diplo & Douster – ON ! by douster


Here is something a little different for you from the deep realms of the beat farmer. This hommie has been growing freshness in the fields of tribal progressive psychedelic trance (say that again) and chillout/downtempo. This tune is off a free EP he just released so make sure you grab and boogie to it! Don’t you just love that sitar he tweaks in there?

beatfarmer – Dear Spirit by beatfarmer

Siete Catorce (7 14)

People let me introduce to you the new project from the production house of Den5hion. Have you noticed that it has been awfully quiet on his soundcloud page? Well i was wondering bout’ that so a few messages later I found out that Marco started the new project, Siete Catorce. He says, “Ive been doing some new stuff more minimal progressive house combined with Cumbia and tribal rhythms Siete Catorce.” I said, “wow bro, glad you are going back in the psy way 😛 I am big fan of progressive psy, this cumbia psy progressive is madness, i think once the labels hear it they will steal you :P”.  Check it out and tell me it isn’t the hotness!

Popurri #1 by Siete Catorce

Popurri #2 by Siete Catorce


Viktor brings a fresh club feel and an Afro Hungarian kuduro spin to the energetic duo, Fokn Bois.

Elo and Fokn Bois-Sad to Say feat. Busa (SuperStereo rmx) by djSuperStereo

M’siou Rigolitch

If you been following along, you know that I am a big fan of this guy. The french dj/producer is my favorite Mash-up artist and this hip-hop tune is no exception for his high standard. Hip-hop sounds so good in French and when he mixes Balkan beats in it with some beastie boys samples, the result is spectacular!

Monkey Theorem – Morpilow (Prod. Rigolitch / Scratch : DJ Okupe) by M’siou Rigolitch


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    1. Yo Andy, I’m also a huge Fan of Marco and his magic! Hommie is a music machine that is pouring talent! I dig the post you did the other day about him.

  1. part two will be released within a few hours 😛 don’t forget to use shuffler to listen to the post continuously (click on button next to the Facebook F top right corner).

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