I’ll state the obvious. This blog will always be about fusion. We all know that anything “new” is always a fusion of old ideas. This week I carefully chose new tracks that each brings a unique fusion of cumbia with other genres. I promise you a good blog.

I will start with what I feel is best to start with. El Gayo Negro (creator of the Facebook group The New Cumbia Makers) as recent as a couple days ago produced the ultimate track that sums up what I’m referring to as fusion. He brings us the legendary group La Sonora Santanera whom if you don’t know are pioneers of the modern tropical sound. He reproduced the song La Boa with a dope beat among other surprises, bringing new life to a classic. Last time I heard El Gayo Negro was back down in Mexico gigging at some cool shows and visiting family. He resides however in Zurich. Check this out and definitely give a listen to more of his work. His latest resemble this style


My body is sore. All last week and a little of this week I was moving heavy furniture. Bruised and tired while maintaining my other jobs, I didn’t miss a beat. This of course for one reason, I was helping someone of the opposite sex whom is very attractive. Which brings me to this next one; I’m gonna guess somebody is in love or lust (same thing right?). From Siete Catorce formally known as Den5hion, a 17 year old far more advanced than I. Doing better in school I hope and always in and out of girl trouble like myself; he produces music as an escape and as an expression. And boy does he express himself indeed. From Mexicali where there are more doctors and dentists then anywhere else on the planet here is his new production


We’re gonna take cumbia to the east now. That’s what I did, inspired by my good friend living and working in India. I don’t care to talk too much about myself and this will be a rare occasion when I post one of my own. I’ll do it now, and of course if you wish to ask me any questions or share any comments please feel free to contact me. I hope you enjoy


Slowing it down to a melancholic remix of the Swedish band The Knife’s song From Off To On. I didn’t really know this band short of reading their name once or twice. But producer Huayras Echevarria and his collaborator Gaspar Zubiarrain with their project Hijos De La Tanga, really brought them to my attention. The Argentinean duo had a track posted here in the past by Canalh and that was a good one as well. This track however couldn’t escape my attention. It honestly drew me in with its soothing dark synth sounds, calming vocals and minimal but creatively inserted cumbia percussion bringing us a true fusion. Enough with my words check it out for yourself


Back to Mexico, Mexico City to be exact, we have BN Loco a producer I recently had the pleasure of discovering in my Facebook group. With is track Put It On he brings us a fusion of hip hop and cumbia. Originally by NY mc Jamalski, BN Loco takes his work to new levels. I honestly love what he’s done with it and feel I must share it to all of you


Quickly back to Mendoza, Argentina again. DJ Emma Mza colleague of last week’s Pika Mza DJ just put out this cut. I feel this one embodies the new sound of cumbia precisely. There’s something in the water in Mendoza because it seems like most of what comes out of there these days is golden. It’s not complex, it’s not groundbreaking, but it is perfect in many ways


Every week I feel like I must post a guilty pleasure. I can’t help myself. In the spirit of summer (at least up here in the northern hemisphere) this should make you smile. Again with DJ Emma Mza, he did something dope. If you saw the recent movie like I did we know we wasted good money but eh who cares, we had a feeling going in. This will make up for your money I hope. It did for mine. Seriously let it play it gets dope I swear



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