This post is going to be 80% ORIGINAL Moombahton tracks and super easy on the edits.  My math might be a bit off, but really who cares, just as long as these tracks make you bounce.  We’re going to be pushing the threshold with this one.  Hold on!  Art inspiration  in this post is credited to Chris Parks via Looks Like Good Design.


Here’s a couple of original Moombahcore jams from recently birthed record label El Cuco Recs out of Pheonix, AZ. This is straight lazer-bass Moombahton.  We look forward to see what’s next from these guys.  Wile out to these!

Nerd Rage & Sluggo – El Cuco


Mendez & Sluggo – Caderas


EatEmUp & Sluggo – OMFG


Dam this edit is banging!  Coming your way via Vancouver’s Blondtron.  Easy on the eyes, and hard on these drums! This bassline reminds me of some early speed garage 1999 type shit.  Damn I feel old.

Monster (T.E.E.D Remix-Blondtron Moombahton edit)


Nick Houghton is definitely and unknown at this moment, all I know is he’s a Canadian living in the U.S., he’s a cool dude and he’s writing some Moombahton.  That’s one-third of the criteria to get your beats blogged.  Just drop some hot beats, let’s go!

Nick Houghton – Wobbleton Funk


This re-work is hot business.  Calle 13 and Moombahton, obviously this makes sense.  DC’s Madd OD on the controls dropping some straight-up Moombahton hustle.



This A-Wax guy perked my ears up a bit, here’s a couple offerings, including an original Moombah track ‘Quem Manda’ which is Portuguese for ‘How do you want it’.  The first track is a Moombahsoul edit of some r’n’b tune that’s panty removal quality.

The Weeknd – The Morning (A-Wax Moombahton Edit)


A-Wax – Quem Manda?


The only unoriginal thing about this tune is the Barrington Levi sample blended with some heavy MoombahHALL stylings.  Check it.

Trubble Dubble (The Bumps)


I don’t know why there are so many Moombah edits out there when this guy J-trick makes a fresh tune like this look so EASY.  When you make a sandwich you put stuff in it, you just don’t put bread on top of more bread!  That’s my analogy of the day.

J-Trick – Wannabe Francis (Original Mix)


Freaky Philip is one crazy Dominican that love his Dutch house sounds.  Smoke some Dutch and roll-up on a Latina chick and say ‘Ay tannn susssia!’.  Act like you know.

Freaky Philip – Completo (Original Mix)


Yet another Canadian feeling the Moombah, this time Vancouver’s Tone steps up with a dark and quirky banger brushing on some subtle Cumbia vibes.

Tones – Quieres bailar


Are you getting tired of Neki edits?  Because I’m not, he’s a good guy to have around on a Friday night because he’ll remix something like this.  Neki remixing some Munchi vs. Rage Against the Machine from the Rotterdam Juke Ep.

Munchi – Paperchase [NEKI Edit]


Gappy Ranks vs. Joelito… This tune is fire!  On Facebook’s Moombahton/Moombahcore supergroup page David Heartbreak is quoted saying “i fucks wuth anything moombashment”.  Don’t sleep on this refix.

Gappy Ranks feat. Lady Chann – English Money (Joelito remix)


Hell yes! Pull up!!

Pull Up (KiNiG Moombahton Edit) – FREE DOWNLOAD


This tune is very different.  If you are familiar with the pre-hispanic sound, then you will feel this track. It’s pre-colonial sounds blended with some Moombah, contemporary hustle.

El Polen – Valicha (Chong X rmx)


Look out for Aylen, he’s SC page has a nice steady output of beats ranging from house to electro, I’m leaning more on his Moombah tracks they’re pushing new styles for sure.  First up is ‘Chicken Plunge’ using just one Skrillex sample and the rest is all him.  ‘On Drop The Bass’  Aylen does just that, we’re not joking here, just here to hype up tracks. Vamos!

Aylen Feat. Skrillex Sample – Chicken Plunge (Original Mix)


Aylen – Drop The Bass (Original Mix)



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